Restaurant Advisory Council (RAC)

The Restaurant Advisory Council is a partnership between DoorDash and restaurateurs across the United States and Canada, connecting DoorDash with the broader restaurant community.

Why do we have a Restaurant Advisory Committee?

ensure order accuracy

Guide product updates

Provide feedback on DoorDash functionality.

point of sale integrations

Advise policy initiatives

Weigh in on issues that affect the restaurant community.


Build community

Share advice and best practices across the industry.

Restaurant Advisory Council Member Barbara "Sky" Burrell of Sky's Gourmet Tacos

“I am so pleased that DoorDash has reached out to us to receive ideas and feedback as to the current and future challenges facing our industry.”

Barbara “Sky” Burrell
CEO, Sky’s Gourmet Tacos 

Meet the Spring 2022 Cohort

  • Chamin Mills

    Chamin Mills

    Pacific Catch

    Project Director

    San Francisco, CA

  • Cole Whaley

    Cole Whaley

    Thompson Hospitality

    VP of Business Development

    Reston, VA

  • Dawn Kelly

    Dawn Kelly

    The Nourish Spot

    Founder & CEO

    New York, NY

  • Eric Chow

    Eric Chow

    Good Behavior Ice Cream


    Toronto, Ont.

  • Priya Bakshi

    Priya Bakshi

    Taj Indian Cuisine


    Ottawa, Ont.

  • Erinn McCully

    Erinn McCully

    Modern Restaurant Concepts

    Director, Off-Premise Sales

    Denver, Co

  • Freddy Braidy

    Freddy Braidy



    Los Angeles, CA

  • Jai Chun

    Jai Chun

    The Farm on Adderley

    Managing Owner/Operator

    New York, NY

  • Jeremy Mitchell

    Jeremy Mitchell

    Cantina Norte


    Vancouver, BC

  • Ron DiNella

    Ron DiNella

    Not Just Burgers/Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen

    Chief Financial Officer

    Chicago, IL

  • Justin Tisdall

    Justin Tisdall

    Juke Fried Chicken


    Vancouver, BC

  • Mickey Chopra

    Mickey Chopra

    I2i Italian Indian Fusion


    Macomb Boonton, NJ

  • Mireille Harris

    Mireille Harris


    Director of Operations

    Calgary, Alberta

  • Nora Eagan

    Nora Eagan

    Stan’s Donuts & Coffee

    General Manager

    Chicago, IL

  • LaQuincy Gilmore

    LaQuincy Gilmore

    New York Fire Wings


    Washington, DC

  • Bernard Gagne

    Bernard Gagne

    Shady Cafe Resto



  • Rose Tummarello

    Rose Tummarello

    Black and Blue Diner


    Las Vegas, NV

  • Sean Reiter

    Sean Reiter

    The Melt

    Director, Brand Revenue

    San Francisco, CA

  • Susan Taylor

    Susan Taylor

    Juice it Up!

    CEO & President

    Newport Beach, CA

  • Yuliana Mendoza

    Yuliana Mendoza

    La Palmera


    Seattle, WA

Past Members

  • Ali Dewjee

    Ali Dewjee

    Bombay Wraps

    Managing Partner

    Chicago, IL

  • Scott Miller

    Scott Miller

    Aloha Poke Co.


    Boca Raton, FL

  • Nathan Casper

    Nathan Casper

    Araujo's Mexican Grill


    San Jose, CA

  • Ayca User

    Ayca User

    Antoinette Boulangerie


    Red Bank, NJ

  • Tyler Kaune

    Tyler Kaune

    Carolina Ale House

    Strategic Technologies

    Raleigh, NC

  • Kokoro Masaru

    Kokoro Masaru



    Denver, CO

  • Mo Aladin

    Mo Aladin

    Montana's Cookhouse


    Alberta, Canada

  • Peter Newlin

    Peter Newlin



    Denver, CO

  • Keenya Wiggins

    Keenya Wiggins

    Shugar Shack Soulfood

    CEO and Executive Chef

    Glenolden, PA

  • Kim Freer

    Kim Freer



    Los Angeles, CA

  • Barbara Sky Burrell

    Barbara Sky Burrell

    Sky's Gourmet Tacos


    Los Angeles, CA

  • Colin Denton

    Colin Denton


    Owner Operator

    Vancouver, BC

  • Carolyn Bane

    Carolyn Bane

    Pies n Thighs


    New York, NY

  • Dave Wiseman

    Dave Wiseman

    Little Sesame


    Washington, DC

  • Dawn Eldridge

    Dawn Eldridge


    Owner Operator

    Brooklyn, NY

  • Michele Kaminski

    Michele Kaminski

    2 Korean Girls

    Managing Partner

    Miami, FL

  • Nancy Caswell

    Nancy Caswell

    Caswell Restaurants


    Newburyport Boston, MA

  • Ranjan Dey

    Ranjan Dey

    New Delhi Restaurant

    Chef and Owner

    San Francisco, CA

  • Rob Longo

    Rob Longo

    Kinka Family

    Director of IT

    Toronto, Canada

  • Toni Novak

    Toni Novak

    Bad Brads BBQ

    Director of Operations

    Macomb County, MI

  • Louie Kim

    Louie Kim

    Social Chicken

    Founder & Owner

    Dallas, TX

  • Kevin Shoemaker

    Kevin Shoemaker

    Restaurant Dynamics

    Administrative & Technical Support

    Seattle, WA

  • Aaron Noveshen

    Aaron Noveshen

    Starbird/ Starbird Salads & Wings


    San Francisco, CA

  • Benson Wang

    Benson Wang

    SL Hospitality


    San Francisco, CA

  • Bryan Tublin

    Bryan Tublin



    San Francisco, CA

  • Charisse McGill

    Charisse McGill

    Loaded French Toast Bites by Lokal Artisan Foods


    Philadelphia, PA

  • Chelsey Smith

    Chelsey Smith

    Molly’s Cupcakes


    Chicago, IL

  • Dave Singh

    Dave Singh

    Danwei Canting


    Portland, OR

  • David Yusen

    David Yusen

    Heavy Restaurant Group

    Marketing/PR/Business Development

    Seattle, WA

  • Gabriella Mann

    Gabriella Mann

    Baba cool

    Operator / Founder

    Brooklyn, NY

  • Jill Gray

    Jill Gray



    Chicago, IL

  • Jimmy Rizvi

    Jimmy Rizvi



    New York, NY

  • Mark Lewis

    Mark Lewis

    The Plant Cafe Organic


    San Francisco, CA

  • Stella Yu

    Stella Yu

    Kinton Ramen

    Marketing Director

    Chicago, IL

Frequently Asked Questions

All Restaurants who have at least 1 location live as a Partner on DoorDash or Caviar are eligible.

Applications open twice annually: in June for the fall cohort and December for the winter cohort. Restaurants are encouraged to join the RAC waitlist in order to be contacted when applications open.

After the application window closes, an internal committee at DoorDash reviews submissions. The committee will reach out to eligible applicants to schedule interviews as the next step in the process.

Restaurant Advisory Council members serve six-month terms and attend one meeting per month. If you are unable to apply today, we will re-open the application every six months so you will have a chance to apply later. You can also join the waitlist in order to be contacted when applications reopen.

Restaurant Advisory Council members are required to join us for a 3-hour onboarding session. Members will also be asked to join monthly meetings (about 90 minutes long). Meetings are currently held via Zoom. Future cohorts may be asked to participate in one in-person meeting, based on current health guidelines.

DoorDash will review all applicants who meet the eligibility requirements and make selections based on a variety of factors. We are seeking a diverse, representative group of businesses to serve on the council. As a growing global company, it is important we also ensure that geographic regions and various demographics are represented.