Ways to Grow

3 Tips to Grow Your Sales in Fall 2023

A roadmap to stronger sales on DoorDash.

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Your store is live on DoorDash. Now what? We know choosing which features, products, and services to implement next can feel overwhelming, so we’ve made it easier than ever. Keep reading to find out the best way to use your (very) limited time to potentially increase your sales on DoorDash.

3 Ways to move the needle in fall 2023

1. Optimize your store operations

Have you seen your optimization score? Now live in your Merchant Portal, your optimization score helps gauge your store’s sales and growth potential on DoorDash. You can improve your score — and move towards reaching your full potential on DoorDash — by completing the actions recommended specifically for your store.

Next to your optimization score in the Merchant Portal, you’ll see a rating of “low,” “medium,” or “high.” This rating shows how your optimization score compares to the scores of similar restaurants in your area. The higher your rating, the more likely you are to see better sales. 

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2. Keep your Storefront live even during busy hours

Ever get so busy you need to pause your orders — but don’t want to pause them all? You can now pause DoorDash Marketplace orders, but leave your Storefront on, so you can continue to grow direct sales from your website and provide a great customer experience.

3. Plan your marketing strategy for upcoming holidays

Get the Restaurant Marketing Calendar and Toolkit to uncover fresh approaches for year-round sales growth and social media engagement. The following upcoming holidays should be kept in mind for marketing purposes:

  • September 25: National Food Service Employees Day 😊

  • September 29: National Coffee Day ☕

  • October: National Pizza Month 🍕

  • October 9: Thanksgiving 🦃

  • October 20: International Chefs Day 🧑‍🍳

  • October 31: Halloween 🎃

Hear from our new Chief Restaurant Advisor

Michael Solomonov

One of the aspects I’m most excited about is getting an inside look at how DoorDash makes decisions on behalf of its partners – and I’m not shying away from sharing what restaurant operators need.

Michael Solomonov, Chief Restaurant Advisor, DoorDash

Sometimes it can be lonely running a restaurant business, which is why it’s helpful to hear how other successful restaurant owners are tackling current issues facing the industry. That’s why we’re excited to announce Michael Solomonov — James Beard Award-winning chef, cookbook author, and restaurant group founder — has joined DoorDash to help us keep a pulse on what independent restaurants need today. As Chief Restaurant Advisor, he'll regularly meet with DoorDash leaders, employees, and local restaurateurs, host industry panels, attend strategy meetings, and provide feedback on potential new products and services.