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Offer Pickup Options to Your Customers

Give your customers more options and attract new customers with pickup.

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Get discovered by new customers by offering them the option to pickup their orders directly from you. By providing pick up and/or curbside pickup, you are giving your customers greater flexibility on how they can order from you and appealing to a wider audience. In fact, according to The Restaurant Online Ordering Trends Report conducted by DoorDash in April 2023, surveying 1,525 US-based people from a variety of ages, careers, and income level, 42% of people chose pickup over delivery because they could get their food faster.

What is Pickup?

When you create a store page for your business, customers near you can find your store and place orders they pick up themselves. Pickup orders have a lower commission than delivery orders, and a majority of customers use Pickup to try a new restaurant for the first time. In fact, according to DoorDash internal data, 59% of Pickup customers use Pickup to try a new restaurant for the first time. You can find more ways to attract new customers

How does pickup work on DoorDash?

If you signed up for DoorDash, you're automatically available to offer in-store pickup to customers. Here’s how it works:

  1. A customer discovers your restaurant on the DoorDash app, places a Pickup order, and pays online.  

  2. The incoming order is sent to your selected order protocol‌ — ‌tablet app, POS, or email. 

  3. Accept the incoming order and input your ‘order ready’ time‌ — e.g., ready in “20 minutes”. 

  4. The customer receives a notification confirming that their order is in progress with your ‘order ready’ time. 

  5. Prepare the order and mark when it’s ready for Pickup. Double check to make sure it’s accurate and ready for handoff. 

  6. The customer arrives at your restaurant and lets you know that they’re picking up a DoorDash order. 

How much does Pickup cost me? 

Find the commission rate for Pickup here. This cost also covers the payment processing fee on the customer order.

How do I set up Pickup?

  1. Log into the Merchant Portal.

  2. Go to the Solutions Center tab.

  3. Scroll down to “Grow Online” where you’ll find “Pickup.”

  4. Click + Add Feature.

Pickup FAQ

Can I leave instructions for customers coming for pickup?

Head over to the Settings tab in the Merchant Portal. Under Account Settings, you’ll find “Customer Pickup Instructions.” Click Edit and you can add in instructions for pickup customers to see when they come for their order.

What fees do customers pay to place Pickup orders? 

Customers do not pay fees for Pickup orders on DoorDash.  

How can I tell if a customer or Dasher is picking up the order? 

Customer orders are clearly labeled as either Delivery or Pickup in your tablet app. Head over to the receiving orders on your DoorDash tablet  to learn more tips on how to prepare orders for pickup. 

How can I monitor Pickup sales performance?

Manage your Pickup orders in the same convenient place as Delivery in the “Orders” tab of DoorDash Portal.

By offering pickup, your restaurant becomes even more appealing to customers. Giving customers the option to get their food quicker and for cheaper than delivery will make it more likely for new customers to try your restaurant for the first time. 

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