Explore everything you need to know to master your DoorDash Tablet.

Ways to Grow

4 New Tablet Features: Making it Easier to Manage Your Orders

New features to offer a smoother and more efficient DoorDash Merchant Tablet experience.

3 min read
Manage Orders

Fall 2023 Updates: 5 New Features Your Team Can Start Using Today

Based on your feedback, we’ve launched new features to help your team.

5 min read
Store Management

How to Operate and Manage Your Store on DoorDash

Learn about DoorDash's tech tools, including the Merchant Portal, DoorDash Tablet, Business Manager app, and POS Integration.

7 min read
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Get Started

Set Up for Success: How to Go Live

By following these simple steps, you can ensure your customers have access to key information about your restaurant that will encourage them to order from your store time, and time again.

4 min read
Access Your Tablet
Get Started

How to Access Your DoorDash Tablet

Using a DoorDash Merchant tablet is easier than ever.

5 min read
Set Up Your Tablet
Get Started

How to Set Up Your DoorDash Tablet

Learn how to set up your DoorDash Merchant Tablet to start receiving orders and grow your store.

10 min read