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3 Tips to Get Repeat Customers

Turn customers into regulars.

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Did you know that 55% of folks prefer ordering from the places they're already fans of when they order food for delivery or takeout? Conducted by DoorDash in April 2023 surveying 1,525 US-based people, The 2023 Restaurant Online Ordering Trends Report also found that 43% of people are placing repeat delivery orders at least once a week. How do you become one of these restaurants where customers can’t resist coming back for more?

While each restaurant has a unique approach to its business, we spoke to some restaurateurs about how they build repeat business. They shared with us some of the tools they use, such as targeting specific, repeat customers through DashPass, adding incentives through loyalty programs, and offering new ways to order, such as Pickup or gift cards, to entice regulars.

DashPass can help you access repeat customers

DashPass is a customer membership program that incentivizes more frequent orders with member-only offers and items, free delivery fees, and lower service fees on eligible orders. Combined with Wolt+ (available in Europe and Japan), these services have more than 15 million subscribers. According to a July 2021 DoorDash study, on average businesses see at least a 30% increase in take-home revenue after one year of using DashPass through our partnership plans.

Manoosh Pizzeria saw firsthand how DashPass could help them grow their business. Before using DashPass, Manoosh was having a hard time reaching a new audience with people who ordered takeout regularly. Through DashPass, Manoosh Pizzeria was able to get prominent placement in the DoorDash app and website while attracting customers who pay lower fees, and as a result, are able to order more frequently on DoorDash. By using DashPass, they saw a 41% increase in orders between Q4 2021 and Q1 2022.

Bon Bon Berry saw similar results. Located near a University, they wanted to access students, but these customers were more price-sensitive. To save money with unlimited free delivery, a lot of students had already signed up for DashPass. Bon Bon Berry’s decision to sign up as a DashPass customer is one that paid off in the long run, bringing repeat orders that drove business growth.

Michael Lee

DashPass has helped us to get new and loyal customers – most order 5 out of 7 days a week. DashPass brings me a lot of loyal customers that order regularly.

Michael Lee, Owner, Bon Bon Berry

If you’re ready to connect with DashPass subscribers to help build repeat business, sign up for our Plus or Premium partnership package to have access to customers who order more frequently with higher value orders. 

How to get repeat customers: A loyalty program could help

Loyalty programs help encourage customers to keep coming back and stay excited about your restaurant. With DoorDash Store Loyalty, you can give a special treat to your DoorDash customers when they order from you again and again. It’s up to you to pick the reward and decide how often your customers get to enjoy it.

The first step is designing your own tailored loyalty program. You decide what kind of reward you'd like to offer your customers, and you also set the minimum spending amount customers need to meet to unlock these rewards. It's entirely customizable to suit your restaurant's unique needs. 

Next, customers will see the details of your loyalty program right on your restaurant's DoorDash store page. When they place orders and meet the spending threshold you've set, they earn those enticing rewards. It's a simple and effective way to keep your customers engaged and excited. You can keep track of your program's performance over time in the Merchant Portal. There, you can gauge the success of your loyalty program. 

Store Loyalty is all about making your customers happy, encouraging them to come back for more, and watching your restaurant flourish. Additionally, if you have repeat customers that have joined your loyalty program, it’s always good to reach out to them and ask them for a review, as this creates trust for new customers. When customers do write reviews, thank them for their continued support. 

Allow your loyal customers to order however they choose

A great way to incentivize your customers to come back for more is by offering Pickup on top of in-premise and delivery. In fact, according to The 2023 Restaurant Online Ordering Trends Report conducted by DoorDash in April 2023, surveying 1,525 US-based people from a variety of ages, careers, and income level, 42% of people chose pickup over delivery because they could get their food faster. 

Pickup can also help build community as you meet people in your community who stop by and pick up a quick bite while coming home from work or other activities. This way you'll not only boost your sales, but also help build foot traffic in your local area. 

Offer gift cards to share the love with family and friends

Another way to let people order how they choose is by offering gift cards. Lettuce Entertain You experienced the direct benefits of Storefront gift cards in expanding their business. 

In 1971, Lettuce Entertain You was started by two friends based in Chicago. Over 50 years, the business turned from a single restaurant to over 60 distinctive brands and more than 130 restaurants. While Lettuce Entertain You had a significant number of restaurants, they were having trouble creating consistency between their in-store and online customer experience. Specifically, they wanted customers to conveniently order from their website and be able to pay with gift cards and earn and redeem loyalty points.

We look for ways to take care of our customers, engage them, and take away any friction that they may be experiencing, whether it's dining in-store, ordering online, or picking up an order.

Jennifer Bell, Chief Marketing Officer & Partner, Lettuce Entertain You

Lettuce Entertain You chose Storefront, DoorDash’s commission-free online ordering solution. Storefront made it convenient to accept gift cards as payment through their website, let loyalty members earn points through online ordering, and made it easy for them to customize the restaurant's online experience to match their brand's look and feel. On top of that, they were able to see reporting, so that they could assess customer data and improve their online strategy. By using Storefront, and the DoorDash loyalty program, they saw a 16% higher AOV for loyalty orders, and gift card transactions saw a 25% higher average order value than non-gift card transactions during the first four months alone.

Having loyal customers is the foundation of a thriving business. By offering tempting perks to bring customers back, collecting positive reviews, and making it easier and more affordable to order from you, you not only incentivize a steady stream of repeat customers but also encourage diners to become your restaurant's advocates within the local community. If you’re not sure what program to prioritize, our optimization score takes data specialized to your unique restaurant and location and suggests what actions will have the estimated biggest impact on your bottom line.

Now that you know how to keep your customers coming back for more, learn how to bring in new customers.


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