Michelin-Recommended Restaurants Growing with DoorDash in Vancouver

Learn how Michelin-Recommended, Bib Gourmand, and Michelin Star restaurants in Vancouver incorporate delivery into their business.

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Vancouver is a hub for exceptional food in Canada. Some of the freshest seafood in the country is enjoyed in restaurants across the city, and the Asian food scene in and around Vancouver is among the best in North America

With 78 restaurants recognized by the Michelin Guide, including nine with one star, 17 Bib Gourmand recipients, and dozens more Michelin Recommended restaurants, restaurants all over Vancouver and its surrounding area are getting their due. 

Restaurants make it onto Michelin lists by sourcing excellent ingredients and turning them into memorable, flavour-packed dishes served with care and style. Sky-high standards are what make restaurants like these stand out — and it’s possible to ensure a Michelin-level of quality extends to delivered food, too. 

By working with DoorDash, and investing in (and testing) the right kinds of to-go containers, even fine dining restaurants can meet customers where they are and let them enjoy their food from home. To take elevated dining experiences off-premise, Michelin selected DoorDash Premium as the exclusive On-Demand Delivery Platform Partner of the Michelin Guide 2023 in Vancouver. We’re honoured to partner with Michelin to support these top-notch restaurants.

Get to know the 12 Michelin-Recommended, Bib Gourmand, and Michelin Star restaurants that deliver with DoorDash.

Chef's Choice Chinese Cuisine

✨ Michelin Recommended

At Chef’s Choice Chinese Cuisine, the team serves up a mix of classic and unique dim sum dishes and mains. Black truffle pork dumplings are exceptionally popular, and they also offer a wide range of noodle, rice, and protein-based dishes to satisfy every craving. In order to best serve their off-prem guests, they’ve created a Premium Takeout Combo menu section in their lunch menu, where guests can order multiple dishes that come with a drink and dessert. 

Try Chef's Choice Chinese Cuisine.

Dynasty Seafood

✨ Michelin Recommended

Offering super-fresh seafood since 2009, Dynasty Seafood also has a wide range of dim sum favourites and congee, plus lots of noodle and rice dishes. Their plating is beautiful, and they take the time to add special garnishes to classic dishes to boost flavour and visual appeal. The food is so great — and the space so expansive — that they host weddings and events. However, they also know the importance of reaching customers at home who woke up with an unshakeable dim sum craving.  

See what’s cooking at Dynasty Seafood.

Fiorino, Italian Street Food

⭐ Bib Gourmand

Owner Gianni Mascagni grew up in Florence, and takes pride in bringing Italian street food dishes to Vancouver with Fiorino. They have many well-known classics as well as more regional specialties, like Ragu di Cinghiale made with wild boar, and fried Coccoli to accompany Prosciutto di Parma and whipped Stracchino cheese. They stand out by using ingredients and preparing dishes that aren’t easy to find elsewhere in the city. 

Order from Fiorino Italian Street Food.

Homer St. Cafe

✨ Michelin Recommended

Famous for its rotisserie that cooks a variety of proteins to perfection, Homer St. Cafe specializes in rotisserie chicken, but also offers a wide range of fresh seafood appetizers and veggie-forward mains. They’ve created a separate off-prem menu including only dishes that travel well, which means delivery and takeout customers only get the best of the best. 

Order from Homer St. Cafe.

New Mandarin Seafood Restaurant

✨ Michelin Recommended

During the day, New Mandarin offers dim sum service that shows off their riffs on classic dishes, including a quail egg Siu Mai, wasabi scallop and shrimp crystal dumplings with bright green wrappers, and a pork liver rice roll. They also have a wide range of mains, including noodles, rice dishes, and proteins — including a whole section of the menu dedicated to specialities cooked in a clay pot. 

Explore the menu at New Mandarin Seafood Restaurant.

Karma Indian Bistro

✨ Michelin Recommended

Using fresh ingredients coupled with traditional Indian spices, Karma Indian Bistro brings a mix of contemporary and classic Indian dishes to the Vancouver area. They have an extensive menu that includes something for everyone, and they also boost check order size with beer and wine available for delivery.

Check out Karma Indian Bistro.

Lunch Lady

⭐ Bib Gourmand

For nearly 30 years, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thanh, also known as The Lunch Lady, has been feeding locals and travellers with her incredible Vietnamese dishes, including many that are often hard to find in North America, like *Gỏi Bưởi Tôm Hùm, a lobster pomelo salad, and Cơm Chiên Đặc Biệt, a house special fried rice. Starting in Saigon and continuing in Vancouver, she also rotates which of her famous noodle soups are on offer each day of the week, which not only means the quality and flavour will be outstanding, but it also keeps diners coming back to try them all. 

Order a meal from The Lunch Lady.

Nammos Estiatorio

✨ Michelin Recommended

Nammos Estiatorio provides exceptional Greek cuisine, from Dolmathes and Taramosalata to Moussaka and perfectly cooked octopus. All plates are made to be enjoyed and shared among a group, so customers are encouraged to order lots of items and try them all — even when ordering delivery.

Try something new at Nammos Estiatorio.

Per Se Social Corner

✨ Michelin Recommended

Spanish and Italian influences guide the menu at Per Se. Pizzas, pasta, and tapas are the focus. The pizzas go above and beyond what’s often available for delivery, made with 72-hour layered fermented dough and cooked in an open flame brick oven. They also offer a range of alcoholic beverages for delivery, helping round out the meal and bring up order size.

Order from Per Se Social Corner.

Neptune Palace Seafood Restaurant

✨ Michelin Recommended

Offering a huge selection of noodles and rice dishes, as well as dim sum favourites, Neptune Palace Seafood Restaurant also has a whole section for items that are “Crispy, Fried, or Baked.” They sell congee as well, and also offer beers, ciders, and wines delivered with DoubleDash from Fraser Commons Liquor Co. 

See what’s on the menu at Neptune Palace Seafood Restaurant.


✨ Michelin Recommended

Named after Chef Francisco Higareda’s mother, Ophelia offers a mouthwatering menu full of upscale regional Mexican dishes, including Aguachile Negro, made of cured prawns and scallops, avocado, red onion, and a burnt salsa broth. Many of the dishes are very hard to find elsewhere in Canada, including the octopus served in a white mole sauce. They’re also deliver-savvy: they offer make-your-own taco kits via DoorDash, so customers can have fresh-made, Ophelia-quality tacos at home. 

Try a special dish or two from Ophelia.

iDen & QuanJuDe Beijing Duck House

🌟 One Star

The only restaurant on this list to have a Michelin Star, iDen & QuanJuDe Beijing Duck House makes crispy, succulent duck that must be tasted to be believed. On DoorDash, customers can splurge and order a whole duck with all the trimmings, including steamed crepes, scallions, cucumber, and sweet soy-based sauce. They also offer lunch special combos for delivery for groups of two or four that come with a dizzying number of courses, including soup, Beijing duck, veggie accompaniments, steamed crab, glutinous rice cakes, and much more. The care and time put into every dish cannot be understated, and it’s earned them the Michelin Star — and the right to charge handsomely for the food, making it a perfect option for special occasions and celebrations, either in the restaurant or at home. 

Order from iDen QuanJuDe Beijing Duck House.

Delivery meals that go above and beyond

Reaching your customers wherever they are is always a good idea — even Michelin Star restaurants aren’t skipping this important revenue stream. 

Join some of the city’s best restaurants on DoorDash, grow your reach, and boost your revenue.

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