Money Management

From pitching to investors to preparing your profit and loss statement, money management is key to longterm success. Learn how some small businesses increase revenue and decrease costs.

Mx Blog (Global) - Everything You Need to Know About a Profit and Loss Statement - laptop spreadsheet

Everything You Need to Know About a Profit and Loss Statement

Learn how to understand a restaurant P&L statement, then download a free profit and loss example template.

9 min read
Counter at a restaurant with orders ready for dine-in and pickup with DoorDash

Profit Margins for Different Types of Restaurants

From fast food to fine dining, learn about the different profit margin averages for various kinds of restaurants.

8 min read
Woman working in a restaurant on the computer reviewing finances

Comparing Average Profit Margin by Industry

Learn about average profit margin for grocery stores, pet stores, liquor stores, flower shops, and more.

12 min read
Mx Blog - Reduce Restaurant Costs hero image

How to Reduce Restaurant Costs and Improve Profits

Get a breakdown of common restaurant expenses, as well as strategies to reduce restaurant costs and increase profit margins.

16 min read
Mx Blog - How to find restaurant investors hero image

How to Find Restaurant Investors

Learn seven strategies for finding investors to help finance your restaurant concept.

9 min read

How to Create a Restaurant Pitch Deck

Find out all you need to know about how to pitch to restaurant investors and create a compelling restaurant pitch deck.

13 min read