Food & Drink Trends

Learn about current food and drink trends and how to prepare your menu to capture customer attention.

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Global Food Trends: What Restaurants Need to Know in 2023

Learn about the global food trends that are showing up on restaurant food and drink menus around the world.

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2023 Restaurant Consumer Trends in Australia & New Zealand

Learn about food delivery and pickup preferences from our exclusive report, 2023 Restaurant Online Ordering Trends.

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What are the Busiest Holidays for Restaurant Food Delivery in Australia?

What are the busiest days for food delivery in 2022? Here are Australia's ten busiest holidays for food delivery in 2022, based on DoorDash data.

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5 Most Popular Restaurants

The 8 Most Popular (and Profitable) Restaurant Types

Your restaurant type influences everything about your business. Find out which restaurant genres are most popular with customers and profitable for your bottom line.

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2022 Wine Trends: What to Sell Today

Dive into the latest wine drinking trends and stay on top of what your customers are enjoying today.

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2022 Alcohol Trends

2022 Alcohol Trends: What Consumers are Drinking Now

Learn the latest in alcohol sales with these 2022 alcohol trends (including non-ABV alternatives) and get ideas for growing your alcohol delivery sales.

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