Alex Campanelli

Alex Campanelli

Content Marketing Manager

Restaurant employee working at the counter with orders ready for pickup with DoorDash

How to Reach New Customers with Restaurant Advertising

These restaurant advertising strategies can help you reach new customers, while also reminding previous guests that it’s time for a visit.

15 min read
Mother and child shopping in a supermarket

Creative Ways to Increase Supermarket Sales

Learn how supermarket marketing, strategic promotions, and meeting customers where they are can help grocery stores increase sales.

11 min read
Direct mail for restaurants DoorDash ribbons and stickers

10 Ways to Use Direct Mail for Restaurant Marketing

Looking to grow your restaurant’s reach and bring in more revenue? Learn how to get started with direct mail for restaurants.

7 min read
Restaurant service, staff smiling and making pizzas at a restaurant

How to Improve Restaurant Service to Keep Customers Coming Back

Help your business grow by taking these extra steps to provide excellent restaurant service and offering a variety of ways for guests to dine with you.

13 min read