Michelin-Recommended Restaurants Growing With Delivery in Toronto

The Toronto Michelin Guide has shouted out these 10 exceptional restaurants — and they’re all growing through delivery with DoorDash.

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Mx Roch le Coq - Chicken - Montreal, Canada

Toronto is a world-class food city. With over 7,500 restaurants to try, representing cuisines from all over the planet, food-lovers are completely spoiled here. 

Since the Michelin guide made its way to Toronto last year, it has picked 82 restaurants worthy of their spotlight. A handful have earned coveted Michelin stars, some are Michelin-recommended, and others have the Bib Gourmand designation, which goes to restaurants that are both delicious and affordable — under $60 CAD for a two-course meal with dessert or a glass of wine.

And in addition to choosing the best restaurant experiences, Michelin selected DoorDash Premium as the exclusive On-Demand Delivery Platform Partner of the Michelin Guide 2023 in Toronto for the second year in a row.

Toronto food lovers have worked their way through Michelin’s list, picking restaurants to visit for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and other celebrations. Offering special meals for delivery expands your market and makes different cuisines more available to the general population. Restaurants can even boost their average delivery check size by offering delivery drinks, like Mother’s Dumplings does.

And even fine dining meals can travel exceptionally well — with the right takeout packaging, delivery partners, and to-go menu options. 

Explore these 10 Michelin-recommended or Bib Gourmand restaurants in Toronto that offer delivery through DoorDash.

Puerto Bravo

⭐ Bib Gourmand

Representing the coastal Mexican city of Tampico, Puerto Bravo serves fresh seafood tostadas, tacos, and excellent drinks. Their menu is full of memorable, flavour-packed items like the Wera Tostada: it’s a crispy fried tortilla topped with octopus, shrimp, macha mayonnaise, pico de gallo, avocado, and salsa macha. Located in Little India, they opened at the height of the pandemic after testing the market by selling meals from home through a Facebook page. Two years in, their brick-and-mortar location has won the heart of the neighbourhood — and everyone in their delivery radius. 

Explore Puerto Bravo’s menu.

Restaurant Tiflisi

⭐ Bib Gourmand

Restaurant Tiflisi is family-run, and they pride themselves on offering a wide range of dishes from across the many regions of Georgia. As the only Georgian restaurant in The Beaches, they’re a go-to for diners craving cheesy Khachapuri Imeruli, fried Eggplant Badrijani, and Khinkali soup dumplings. They have a great balance of meaty dishes as well as many vegetarian-friendly options. 

See what Restaurant Tiflisi is currently serving.


✨ Michelin Recommended

A collaboration between Rang Nguyen and his former mentee, Matty Matheson, Cà Phê Rang offers deeply flavourful Vietnamese dishes like pho, banh mi, and spring rolls. They’re one of the few Vietnamese restaurants that offer a soup-and-sandwich combo of a bowl of pho and half a banh mi — perfect for hungry diners that want to go big but still get a good deal. They also offer the option to add a side of pho broth to their banh mi, boosting both check size and flavour. 

Order from Cà Phê Rang.

Dil Se

✨ Michelin Recommended

Dil Se, meaning “from the heart” in Hindi, brings Punjabi Dhaba-style Indian food to the West End of the city. Chef Mani Panwar’s 25 years of experience shows in his cooking — the Mughlai-style Paneer Lababdar, served in a spicy, tangy cashew sauce is a diner favourite. Opened in 2019, Dil Se has had to be flexible and adaptable basically from the beginning, and the business has maintained their commitment to meeting customers where they are: they offer takeout, delivery, and dine-in, and they post regularly on social media to keep customers coming back.

Check out the Dil Se menu.

Mother’s Dumplings

✨ Michelin Recommended

Beloved by diners all across the GTA, Mother’s Dumplings is known for their exceptional handmade dumplings, served steamed, boiled, or pan-fried, as well as their entrees like Mapo Tofu. Located in the heart of Chinatown, this iconic business has been operating since 2005. As mentioned above, they boost order size by offering beers for delivery, and they also deliver bags of their handmade frozen dumplings.   

Order from Mother’s Dumplings.

Koh Lipe Thai Kitchen

✨ Michelin Recommended

Since 2019, Koh Lipe Thai Kitchen has shared Southern Thai cuisine with its diners. They serve flavour-packed dishes like Gaeng Cha Plu, coconut green curry mussels with betel leaf, and Yum Sapparod, a pineapple salad with squid and shrimp.

See what’s cooking at Koh Lipe Thai Kitchen.

Chica's Chicken

⭐ Bib Gourmand

Nashville Hot Chicken has made its way out of Nashville by now, and for good reason: the super-spicy fried chicken sandwich is nothing short of breathtaking. The Chica’s Chicken team is known for their commitment to quality: they make all their spice blends in-house, which means blending up Carolina Reaper and Ghost Peppers. The chicken is also dry-brined to ensure every single bite is as flavourful as possible. They keep their menu limited to a handful of each type of item to ensure peak quality.

Get a meal from Chica's Chicken.

SumiLicious Smoked Meat & Deli

⭐ Bib Gourmand

SumiLicious Smoked Meat & Deli, led by Sumith (Sumi) Fernando, brings Montreal smoked meat over the border to the GTA. After working at Schwartz’s in Montreal for 17 years, he brought his learnings to Toronto. The menu is simple and classic, full of succulent sandwich options, plus the traditional accompaniments of fries and black cherry soda. They also offer by-the-pound sliced smoked meat, letting customers buy in bulk and prep their own sandwiches fresh at home.

Order from SumiLicious Smoked Meat & Deli.

Fat Pasha

⭐ Bib Gourmand

At Fat Pasha, the team serves up Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes with a modern spin. They’re famous for their whole roasted cauliflower, but they also have great delivery options for families that just want an easy decision-making process: they can opt for the Pasha Family Dinner, which provides a massive spread of dishes for 4-5 people. Fat Pasha also offers holiday catering for all the major Jewish holidays.

See what’s for dinner at Fat Pasha.


✨ Michelin Recommended

Aanch serves up contemporary Indian cuisine, plated artfully and packed with flavour. Everything is made in-house, and they pride themselves on using fresh local produce. Their stunning Aachari Chicken Tikka is composed of chili-mango pickled chicken cubes, carrot achar, and coriander-mint chutney. They also offer Chef’s Choice platters where diners can enjoy a selection of dishes highlighting veggie dishes or a mix of proteins.

Get a Michelin-recommended meal from Aanch.

Dialed-up delivery

These 10 Michelin-recommended and Bib Gourmand restaurants all invest in meeting customers where they are — while maintaining top-notch quality standards. That’s why they work with DoorDash to provide delivery service. 

If you haven’t started delivering with DoorDash, what are you waiting for? Join some of the city’s best restaurants on DoorDash, grow your reach, and boost your revenue. 

Learn more about how DoorDash can help you grow your business.


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