How to Design a Restaurant Logo That Will Build Your Brand

A great logo design is the foundation of your restaurant brand identity.

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A well-designed restaurant logo captures the essence and personality of your brand. It communicates who you are to your customers and what they can expect from you. Done right, it can help build loyalty and make your menus and signage stand out online and in person.

By understanding the elements of a memorable restaurant logo, you can create a versatile design that resonates with both new and returning guests.

Elements of great restaurant logo design

An effective logo design uses iconography, typography, and a complementary color palette to create a visual mark that helps your brand stand out and be recognized. A logo can be either a wordmark, a brandmark, or both. Ultimately, you want an eye-catching logo that works well in a variety of applications. 

Your logo should be easily scalable, meaning you can create various sizes and dimensions for different formats. Authenticity is also important — while you want your logo to be unique, it should clearly communicate what type of restaurant you are. For example, a logo for a fine dining restaurant might be more modern or illustrative, whereas a classic steakhouse might use nostalgic colors and a welcoming font. 

Stephanie Izard

"When we put a goat t-shirt on a mannequin at our restaurant entrance, it tells people that we're a little wacky and don't take ourselves too seriously." 

Stephanie Izard, Executive Chef and Owner, Girl & the Goat

How do I create a logo for my restaurant?

Before you begin crafting your restaurant logo, it might be helpful to develop your restaurant's brand and brainstorm ideas that capture your restaurant's identity. Consider what you want customers to feel when they see your brand. Are you aiming for a modern or traditional vibe? Is your establishment more casual or formal? Define your cuisine, identify your target audience, and take the time to sketch out rough ideas based on these prompts to kickstart the process. 

During this inspiration stage, look at other logos that match your cuisine and type of establishment to help guide your brainstorming. If you've already chosen a name for your restaurant, muse on visual associations with that name, as well as the cuisine you will offer.

Does a restaurant logo need to be professionally designed?

If you're looking for a simple logo, online tools like Canva, Looka,, and Freepik can help you create one. You can also use these tools as a starting point for brainstorming before pursuing professional design services. 

But if you have the budget, it might be worth partnering with a professional brand consultant or agency that can assist with the entire design process and ensure a polished and professional appearance across all branding elements. Making this investment up front will help make sure your logo is easy to scale and expand with new product or packaging options in the future.

Where will my restaurant logo be used?

Logos are used in a wide variety of contexts and should appear consistently across all platforms. A versatile logo is adaptable to different sizes and formats, without losing its impact. Your restaurant logo will be visible on your menu and all varieties of signage, including window decals, awnings, and booths at events and trade shows. There are many other potential placement opportunities for your logo, including staff uniforms, to-go packaging, restaurant gift cards, and other branded merchandise

Why your restaurant logo design is important for digital marketing

Your logo is an important component of your digital marketing strategy. When you set up your Google Business Profile, your logo will show up in search results and maps, helping to set your restaurant apart from competitors. Your restaurant logo will also help establish your brand across all facets of social media. And it will be used on third-party delivery platforms like DoorDash, as well as online ordering solutions like Storefront, which allow restaurants to customize their store with their own branding. 

Fahim Ahmadi

"Storefront is an amazing idea. Having a professional, white-label ordering system adds value to our brand, especially compared to if we tried to build it ourselves."

Fahim Ahmadi, VP of Development, Naan & Kabob

Investing in restaurant logo design pays off

There are many things to consider when planning to open a restaurant, but logo design should not be overlooked. Creating a distinctive logo will help build a memorable restaurant brand — an investment that can pay off in strong loyalty from your customers.  

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