Looking to creating a menu that sells, optimize your store for delivery and pickup, or learn more about what DoorDash has to offer? Download these PDF guides for your records.

Mx - Winter restaurant checklist

Checklist: Winter is Coming – Is Your Restaurant Ready?

Prepare your restaurant for winter with this checklist, including tips and tactics you can implement today to make sure you're on track for the winter season.

Dasher in alcohol aisle with basket

2023 Product Guide for Alcohol Retailers

Learn how DoorDash’s suite of solutions helps liquor stores, wine shops and other alcohol retailers grow their business.


Product Guide for Restaurants

Learn how the DoorDash Merchant Suite delivers new ways for restaurants grow their businesses.

tablet for off-premises orders

DoorDash Tablet How To Guide

From adjusting orders to updating item availability to contacting customers, learn how to use your DoorDash Tablet to streamline your day-to-day operations.


Financing Your Restaurant and Projecting Profits

In this ebook, you'll learn how the industry landscape is evolving, strategies for pitching your business to investors, simple steps for smart budget management, and the secret ingredients of a successful business plan.


Cooking Up a Mouthwatering Menu

Learn how to create a restaurant menu that sells.