Take your retail store to the next level by leveraging delivery and optimizing for the holiday rush.

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What Is a Co-Packer and How Can They Help Grow Your Business?

Co-packing, also known as contract packaging, can be a boost to building your brand and driving new revenue.

8 min read
Mx Blog - Hero - How Retailers Can Strengthen the Connection Between In-Store and Online Shopping

How Retailers Can Connect In-Store and Online Shopping

Learn creative ways you can market your business, connect with customers, and grow your online retail sales.

8 min read
Mx Blog - Hero - How Retail Delivery Boosts Local Business

How Retail Delivery Boosts Local Business

Learn how delivery is helping to boost business for local retail stores all around the globe — and how you can use these trends to grow your own business.

9 min read
Mx Blog - Kesha Beauty Supply - Kesha Checkout Counter

How Kesha Beauty Supply Delivers Convenience with DoorDash

Learn how this Georgia-based beauty store is helping customers look and feel their best, with an innovative approach to retail delivery.

9 min read
Mx Blog - Hero - How to Get Your Last-Mile Delivery Ready for the Holidays

How to Get Your Last-Mile Delivery Ready for the Holidays

Get your retail delivery ready for the holidays with these practical tips from DoorDash merchants.

10 min read
Mx Blog - Retail Holiday Trends

5 Things Retailers Can Expect During the 2022 Holiday Season

From local retail delivery to longer sales seasons, here's what experts are predicting for this year’s holiday season.

12 min read