What’s Driving the Growth in Online Flower Delivery?

Get insights on how local flower shops are making the most of new opportunities to grow their business.

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What’s Driving the Growth in Online Flower Delivery

Although the earliest known floral arrangement dates back to ancient Egypt, people have enjoyed the beauty of flowers since the dawn of time. A bundle of bright petals, enticing scents, and lush stems is a timeless gift. However, as technology has developed — from telegrams to telephones, and beyond — customers have changed how they order, pay for, and get flowers delivered. Today, with online flower delivery, the flower industry has evolved once again, enabling florists to grow their local sales and reach customers in new and exciting ways.

In fact, the online flower shop market size is expected to grow 2.8% in 2022 and reach a total market value of $5.3 billion in the US alone. That’s faster than the economy overall, according to research firm IBISWorld. What’s driving this growth — and how should florists respond?

In this article, we’ll explore some of the trends driving online flower delivery and share insights on how local flower shops make the most of these new opportunities to grow their business.

Customers are more comfortable with online ordering

One of the biggest factors driving the growth of online flower delivery is customers’ comfort with online ordering. During the pandemic, e-commerce grew exponentially as people explored new ways to get products delivered while quarantine and social distancing measures were in place.

Today, people are continuing to embrace the convenience of those habits. Online sales are expected to grow, especially through mobile devices. Is your business ready to meet these customers where they are?

Listing your flower shop on a platform like DoorDash can help you connect with customers already comfortable with ordering food and other goods on the DoorDash mobile app. With DoorDash, you’ll also get your own business page, helping you grow local brand awareness over time.

Customers expect businesses to offer quick delivery

Customer demand for quick delivery has increased quickly in recent years. According to Search Engine Journal, searches for “next day flower delivery” have increased 800% year over year. This highlights the immediacy with which customers expect to have products in hand after ordering online.

What’s the best way to keep up with the demand for same-day flower delivery online? Bilal Sabusa, owner of The Flower Shop, a local floral business located in Decatur, Georgia, has gotten ahead of this by curating a selection of his most popular arrangements. By keeping his best-sellers in stock, Bilal is always ready to fulfill same-day flower orders. Learn more about how Bilal grew his profit margins 10% by partnering with DoorDash for local flower delivery.

Bilal Sabusa

"We try to be where the customer wants us to be, in a very competitive market — and partnering with DoorDash to expand our delivery capabilities helps us do that."

Bilal Sabusa, Owner, The Flower Shop

Customers value shopping locally and independently

Today’s customers are more conscious about where their money is going, preferring to shop locally and support small businesses whenever possible. This is a great moment for independent flower shops to shine.

In a market where independent brands are valued, finding your floral niche will be more important than ever. A recent report from IBISWorld notes “some florists will likely attempt to establish a market niche by offering more intricate bouquets that target an upscale market, while other operators are expected to offer low-priced products to capture a larger pool of price-sensitive customers.” Whether you follow one of these directions or carve your own path, this is a great moment to differentiate your flower shop brand and curate offerings that speak to your unique approach to your business. What will you focus on that sets your business apart?

Whatever you choose, a partner like DoorDash can help your flower shop stand out. As a DoorDash partner, you’ll get your own business page on the DoorDash app where you can highlight your unique floral arrangements, business information, and share product descriptions that communicate your business’s unique story.

New purchase categories are growing

Today, customers are buying flowers for more reasons than ever. According to the US Floral Gifting Market - Industry Outlook & Forecast 2022-2027, self-gifting as a category is on the rise because of the “individuality and independence that has gained popularity” with Millennials and younger generations. The report also shares that “social media can be largely used to promote the idea of self-gifting as it is highly individualistic and a powerful tool that can shape conversations.”

As an independent business owner, it can be challenging to find the time to invest in social media, but even spending a couple hours a week creating and posting content on platforms like Instagram can have a major benefit in building your brand.

Additionally, sustainability is also trending within the floral industry. According to Accenture, 45% of consumers said they’re making more sustainable choices when shopping and will likely continue to do so. Sustainability is long-term efforts, so consider small ways that you can start to tap into this growing consumer value. For example, think about how you might source your blooms from local farmers, or revisit the packaging materials you use — you might find that there are a lot of small changes you can make that have a big impact, both for your business and the environment.

What’s Driving the Growth in Online Flower Delivery Body

It’s easy to find a flower delivery partner that works for your business

Today, it’s easier than ever to add an online flower delivery service to your business. When considering signing up with a flower delivery partner, here are a few questions to explore:

  • Marketing opportunities: Does your online flower delivery partner reach a large number of customers? And do they offer marketing tools to boost your reach, attract new customers, and grow sales? 

  • Brand differentiation: Does your flower delivery service enable customers to get to know your brand and business?

  • Easy integration: How does your flower delivery partner fit in with your current operations, your physical location, and POS systems?

  • Ability to offer same-day online flower delivery: Does your partner offer same-day flower delivery?

DoorDash does all of this and more, helping local flower shops win more business in their neighborhoods through a comprehensive online delivery logistics platform that connects customers with business owners like you. Learn the ins and outs of how DoorDash works for flower delivery, and sign up for online flower delivery with DoorDash today.


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