New DoorDash Partnership Plans Give Merchants More Options

In order to serve their business partners better, DoorDash launched Partnership Plans that offer cost, pricing, and product options.

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As the needs of restaurants and small businesses continue to change and a post-pandemic world opens up, DoorDash is also evolving and growing. In order to better serve our business partners and local stakeholders — and inspired by their feedback — we are changing how we do business so merchants can choose exactly how they work with us.

Introducing New Partnership Plans for DoorDash

Local restaurants in Canada will now be able to choose from one of three different Partnership Plans* to decide how they partner with DoorDash. Merchants can choose either DoorDash Basic, DoorDash Plus, or DoorDash Premier. Each plan varies from one to the next, and each has a different delivery and pickup commission rate, which corresponds to the plan's level of marketing support and benefits. 

All DoorDash Partnership Plans have $0 activation fees. We're also offering new restaurants a 30-day trial with 0% commissions for Plus and Premier Plans and a 7-day trial for Basic Plans so you can try the plan that works for you.

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DoorDash Basic 

With 20% delivery commission, DoorDash Basic is the most cost-effective way for restaurants to offer delivery and pickup to customers on DoorDash Marketplace. Though the Basic plan has a smaller delivery area than Plus and Premier, restaurants can expand their reach on Basic with optional, a la carte marketing programs. 

I welcome the different Partnership Plans from DoorDash as it gives a restaurant owner like me the ability to pick and choose what's best for your business, I think it's a great thing that DoorDash is doing.

Noel Scott, Owner, Eighties Restaurant

DoorDash Plus 

With the 25% delivery commission rate of DoorDash Plus, restaurants can increase sales with an expanded delivery area and DashPass (27% delivery commission), our customer loyalty program that serves high-value customers who order more frequently. Restaurants who participate in DashPass get increased visibility in our app, and DashPass customers pay reduced fees when they order from DashPass stores. Because DashPass customers order more often, participating restaurants are likely to see increased growth. Restaurants will also get exclusive early access to new products and features.

As a new business owner, the priority for me is exposure and I think it's a great option to have different packages to choose from. It gives me the chance to look at my budget as well as the amount of exposure I need for my business  and then decide what kind of features I want through my partnership with DoorDash. Sometimes finding something in between is great especially for newer stores.

Alan Sham, Owner, Its Tea

DoorDash Premier 

With the 29% delivery commission rate of DoorDash Premier, restaurants can maximize sales with the largest delivery area, along with access to our frequent, high-value DashPass customers. The Premier Plan includes a marketing credit to help partners maximize growth and attract the most customers. Partners receive a monthly $50 credit when they spend $100 or more on marketing through DoorDash each month.*

We like the features like $50 marketing rebate if we spend $100 or more on marketing every month. After we launched this promotion, we were able to increase our daily sales dramatically and reach a lot more customers through DoorDash.

*$50 Monthly credit available for merchants in Canada on the Premier plan. Beginning on the first day of a new month after a Merchant signs up for the Premier Plan, Merchants who spend $100 or more on ads or promotions (pre-tax) through the DoorDash platform during a calendar month will receive a $50 credit, which will be refunded to the Merchant in the Merchant’s first scheduled payout in the following month.

New Pickup Pricing (8-10%) 

The pickup commission rate is being reduced from 15% to 10% for Basic Plans and 8% for Plus and Premier Plans. This gives our partners the opportunity to use DoorDash to connect directly with customers in their neighbourhood at a significantly lower cost. This rate, and all delivery rates, includes payment processing costs.

A Commission-Free Option with Storefront 

All Partnership Plans include Storefront, an online ordering system that allows businesses to incorporate DoorDash ordering, delivery, and pickup logistics directly into their website, with zero commissions. Storefront enables restaurants to easily set up an online ordering system on their website, turning visitors into customers.

Storefront has always been commission-free. There are also no setup fees, monthly software fees, or per-order delivery fees. The only fees restaurants will pay when using Storefront are credit card processing fees at 2.9% of the total transaction amount + 30 cents per order.

An Ongoing Partnership 

These changes were developed in response to direct feedback from business owners and as part of a larger effort to help increase their profits. As the industry continues to evolve, DoorDash is committed to listening to feedback from our restaurant partners, including at monthly Restaurant Advisory Council meetings, and providing services and solutions that are helpful, impactful, and fair. 

Working with DoorDash

Are you ready to get started – or curious to learn more? You can start a free trial today by filing out this form on our site or contact sales to speak to a representative.

*Partnership Plans (Basic, Plus, Premier) are available for restaurants with 75 or fewer locations in Canada. 8% (Plus, Premier) and 10% (Basic) Pickup commission is available to all partners in Canada who comply with the DoorDash Merchant Terms of Service, including having DoorDash Pickup menu prices match in-store prices.


Christopher Payne
Christopher Payne

President, DoorDash

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