A Florist's Guide to Flower Card Messages and Meanings

Help customers choose the right flower for any gift occasion, and download our free flower card messages to brighten any bouquet.

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People around the world have treasured flowers for millennia. Their universal appeal explains why millions are sold on holidays such as Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, as well as birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations. 

Bouquets also make meaningful gifts beyond merely the traditional holidays and occasions. When paired with the right gift card messages, they're the perfect way to demonstrate affection, gratitude, contrition, congratulations, and more. More than half of Americans believe flowers are a uniquely special gift, and 40% have trusted a florist to help them with a relationship. 

To inspire your customers to speak to their loved ones through the language of flowers, here are ideas for marketing your blooms through the art of floriography.

Floriography: A guide to the meaning of flowers

Today's most famous floriography traditions come from the Victorian "language of flowers" in the 19th century. During that time, it was highly fashionable to communicate using the contents of a bouquet, and floral dictionaries helped people decipher and understand the messages coded in various blooms.

A bouquet of deep crimson flowers might indicate intense and passionate love — red tulips, carnations, and roses all share this meaning. But a bunch of pink and purple blooms could be seen as more of a platonic token — pink tulips represent caring, geraniums reflect friendship, and lavender shows devotion. There are even more meanings regarding color: Yellow can connote joy, and thus, yellow tulips and daffodils are associated with sunshine and daisies with innocence.

Floral meanings and history have deep roots, and that's why so many people make instant emotional connections when they are presented with specific flower species or hues. 

Florists can help customers fully express themselves through floral meaning by pairing the right cultivars with the right flower card messages. 

16 flower card messages for meaningful connection

Of course, no one wants a tired riff on the old "roses are red; violets are blue" theme — flower gift recipients are looking for a message as fresh as the petals in their arrangement. Keep reading to preview our collection of flower card messages, and download the entire set below to help your customers impart something unique with your arrangements.

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4 ways to say "I love you" with flower notes

If your customers want to go beyond the typical rose bouquet for their partner, here are four unique flowers to express love.

Asters don't just symbolize love; they also carry connotations of patience and valor, so this flower is all about love worth waiting for — standing by your beloved and adoring them.

There's something classic about red chrysanthemums — among the many red flowers that convey love, mums truly celebrate romance thanks to their association with passion and longevity.

Alstroemeria (also called the Peruvian lily) is another nuanced flower. Friendship, support, and devotion are among its multiple meanings, providing a layered take on relationships, attachment, and being a port in the storm.

And for anyone looking to delight their romantic partners, the gladiolus is the flower of infatuation and, importantly, integrity.

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4 creative ways to say "I'm sorry" with flowers

These four unique flowers will add emotional richness and depth to anyone's apology.

Because it signifies sincerity, the blue hyacinth has become associated with apologies. It's a suitably subdued color, and its implicit undertones of loyalty and fidelity evoke a willingness to make amends.

With little florets that resemble teardrops, it's likely no coincidence that the lily of the valley symbolizes humility, as well as purity of heart. 

Snapdragons are the perfect flower to help mend broken hearts or bruised egos. This flower has long been an expression of truth-telling, so a bouquet is a meaningful gift to help resolve a disagreement.

Few blooms are as frank as the sunflower. They are brightly optimistic, while also being well-known symbols of honesty. So, if there's a need to make a more playful apology, sunflowers are a great choice.

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4 messages that convey congratulations through a bouquet

Looking for a creative way to help customers say congratulations? These four unique flowers will deliver the message with flair.

With dense petals and sumptuous palettes, the ranunculus is a showy centerpiece for a celebratory bouquet. Associated with admiration, charm, and beauty, it's ideal for marking a milestone.

If someone has struck gold — graduated top of their class, scored a big promotion, or gotten a lucky break — bring on the marigolds. They signify prosperity, as well as enthusiasm and confidence.

Irises are truly iconic flowers, so it's only fitting that they symbolize wisdom, accomplishment, and courage. When a friend or family member has a remarkable achievement, this is the stem for them.

What could be more jubilant than daffodils? These flowers are expressions of creativity, renewal, and joy, and are excellent for commemorating a new beginning — especially with a sense of humor.

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4 ways to brighten someone's day with "thank you" flowers

Giving thanks with these four unique flowers will help customers tell someone that they truly value their help.

Blue hydrangeas have a dual meaning of gratitude and harmony, and also stand for abundance. Has someone been generous with their compassion? This is how to thank them for understanding.

If someone has done you a kindness — for example, by hosting, tutoring, or mentoring them — sweet peas will reflect how much you value the effort. It's a flower of kindness and friendship, but also of parting ways.

When someone gives you a shoulder to lean on or cry on, daisies can show how grateful you feel. These flowers don't just convey joy and innocence — they're a timeless symbol of dependability.

Yellow tulips are ideal for that special person who's always cheering you on or cheering you up. Tulips are flowers of hope and happiness, and will convey how much you appreciate the unconditional support.

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Download 16 free flower card message images

When you're busy preparing bouquets and displays for customers, it can be difficult to find time to craft marketing materials, like romantic cute flower notes, that help your flower shop stand out. That's why we created this collection of visual flower card messages to display as printed flyers, share on social media, include in Pinterest boards, or to dress up your email newsletter. 

There's great potential to drive flower sales outside traditional holidays and celebrations — your customers just need a reminder of how powerful floral gifts are for any occasion. Download this flower card collection to help customers make meaningful connections, and explore how DoorDash can help florists delight customers with same-day flower delivery.

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