Self-Delivery Product Guide

Learn about the benefits of Self-Delivery, how Marketplace and Self-Delivery compare, and step-by-step screenshots of the merchant and customer experience.

Mx Self-Delivery Product Guide hero

Reach DoorDash customers with your own drivers.

As delivery grows in popularity, restaurant owners are exploring new ways to fulfill online orders.

DoorDash Self-Delivery is perfect for operators who already have delivery drivers they trust but want to increase sales. This solution enables you to reach thousands of customers on the DoorDash Marketplace while having the flexibility to use your own drivers or Dashers. In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • How Self-Delivery benefits your sales and operations

  • A comparison of DoorDash Self-Delivery and DoorDash Marketplace

  • The 2-step process to sign up for Self-Delivery

  • 5 tips to drive more customers to your DoorDash listing

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