Build repeat business with Store Loyalty

Encourage your DoorDash customers to keep coming back by rewarding them through a customer loyalty program.

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A loyalty program for your DoorDash customers

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Increase sales

Stores that offer rewards through loyalty programs can see incremental revenue over time.

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Enjoy no additional fees

Store Loyalty doesn’t charge additional fees or commissions — the only cost is the reward you choose to offer customers.

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Turn customers into regulars

Incentivize repeat orders with rewards. Customers who join loyalty programs are likely to order from the same stores more often.

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What is Store Loyalty?

Loyalty programs are an effective way to drive repeat orders and increase customer engagement. Store Loyalty allows you to offer a reward to your DoorDash customers as they continue to order from you over time. You get to choose the reward and how often your guests receive it.

Customize your loyalty program

How and when you reward your customers is up to you. Use the DoorDash Merchant Portal to select your reward and the minimum that customers must spend to qualify for it, such as $4 for customers who spend $40 or more.

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How it works


Customize your program

Choose the reward you'd like to offer customers, as well as the spend amount required to receive it.


Customers earn rewards

Customers see your loyalty program details on your store page and can earn rewards by placing orders.


Monitor success

Monitor your program’s performance over time in the Merchant Portal to gauge success.

Frequently Asked Questions

With no marketing charges and no additional commission, the only cost to you is the reward redemption you choose to provide to customers (e.g. if you offer $5 off after $50 spend, your cost is the $5 reward once the customer redeems it).

Yes! Store Loyalty is specific to orders placed within the DoorDash ecosystem. This means you can continue to run your existing loyalty program in tandem with Store Loyalty.

When you enroll in Store Loyalty, your DoorDash store will receive special tags in the DoorDash app and website to help you stand out from your competitors and reach more customers. Customers can also learn about your loyalty program and track their loyalty progress within your DoorDash store page.

Yes, when setting up your Store Loyalty program, you can choose specific store locations to include.

Unfortunately no. All stores enrolled in your Store Loyalty program must have the same rewards.