On-demand delivery with DoorDash Drive

Offer delivery from your own app or website by tapping into DoorDash’s network of Dashers.

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A la carte delivery from your own site or app

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On-demand delivery

Tap into the extensive Dasher network when you need to provide fast and easy delivery to your customers.

commission-free online ordering

Flat fee, no commission

Eliminate in-house delivery costs and pay a flat fee per delivery with no signup, subscription, or hidden fees. 

Seamless integration

Seamless integration

Easily integrate delivery into your existing online ordering website or app. 

Why on-demand delivery?

Watch this short video to learn how on-demand delivery with DoorDash Drive helps businesses grow sales and customers get the convenience they crave.

Integrate with your system

Our innovative logistics platform easily integrates with your existing point of sale systems, such as Square, Toast, Olo, Bringg, Redcat, NCR, 9Fold, and more.

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Give your customers visibility

Your customers get a full view into their order status, including the estimated delivery time, driver location, and confirmation that their delivery was completed. 

Built with your online ordering systems in mind

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How it works


Customers order from you

Your customers visit your app, website, or online ordering system to order delivery directly from you, paying a flat delivery fee on their order.


Your system dispatches drivers

You connect your online ordering system to DoorDash delivery logistics, and a Dasher is automatically dispatched to your store.


DoorDash handles logistics

Confirmation texts, estimated times of arrival, and a delightful delivery experience for your customers are handled by DoorDash.

"The neat thing about DoorDash Drive is you get to be in our ecosystem – Hattie B’s start to finish – and still get the DoorDash experience."

Brian Morris
Executive Chef, Hattie B's

Pricing that's simple

DoorDash Drive

Let Dashers fulfill your direct delivery orders. Pay a flat fee per order and we'll handle all the logistics of delivery.



Flat fee for delivery orders

Build an integration with DoorDash Developer

Leverage the power of DoorDash for your business with our self-serve integration portal and suite of developer tools to manage menu, store, and order data.

Access API documentation, SDKs, step-by-step tutorials, and technical support to integrate DoorDash APIs with your operations with just a few lines of code.

DoorDash Developer

Frequently asked questions

If you have a DoorDash Account Manager, please reach out to them to begin onboarding. 

If you are using On-Demand Delivery through an online ordering provider (for example: Olo, Toast, Square), please first reach out to your online ordering provider to begin the onboarding process. 

If you do not have an online ordering partner, please consider signing up for Storefront, DoorDash's commission-free online ordering platform. Through Storefront, you can create a branded online store to enable pickup and delivery ordering directly from your own website, commission-free.

Alternatively, if you do not have an online ordering provider and would like to use On-Demand Delivery to request Dashers to fulfill  deliveries, please fill out the signup form on this page. A member of the team will reach out to you with further instructions for the onboarding process.

DoorDash Drive is our a la carte delivery service, meaning you can request drivers at any time, or integrate delivery with DoorDash into your own app or website. With DoorDash Marketplace, list your business on the DoorDash app to introduce your store to active new customers in your area.

We partner with dozens of major online ordering and POS providers such as Square, Toast, Olo, and more. Through integrating with these online ordering providers, we are able to ingest delivery details from your website, app, or POS to dispatch a Dasher. 

There are no signup fees, subscription fees or service termination fees. The standard pricing structure is a flat delivery fee paid by the merchant. Any tips left by the customer will 100% be passed to the Dasher. Please fill out the signup form on this page to receive additional pricing details.

Depending on your online ordering provider, you will either:

  1. Receive an itemized invoice from DoorDash at the beginning of each month with Drive deliveries + associated fees.

  2. Or receive an invoice from your online ordering provider. The DoorDash invoice is payable by ACH, wire or check.

Please note that the monthly invoice you receive from DoorDash for on-demand deliveries is limited to charges for DoorDash Drive only.

If you are already using DoorDash Drive and need assistance with live orders, please contact +1-855-222-8111 for support. You can also reach by email at drive-support@doordash.com.

For non-urgent issues, please visit our Help page for more information.