Optimize your free delivery campaign

We're excited to partner with you to drive awareness and incremental volume to your restaurant. As part of your commitment to this partnership, we ask that you deploy the following marketing tactics.

Portillo's Picking Up
Restaurant DMF Requirements

Follow these campaign requirements:

  • Set delivery and service fees to free or $0 throughout the campaign.

  • Set the order minimum to $0 throughout the campaign.

  • Ensure there are no competing delivery-related offers (i.e., $5 off for carryout customers) throughout the campaign.

  • Ensure there are no competing promo codes (i.e. with other third-party delivery providers) throughout the campaign.

If you need a tool to create these graphics, try this autogeneration tool or these Canva templates.

Looking for non-restaurant requirements? Check out how to optimize your non-restaurant delivery campaign.

Web Modal


  • Live throughout the campaign

  • Include "Free Delivery" or "$0 Delivery" text on image

  • Include link to offer

  • Include all affiliated copy

Mx - Drive Compliance - Web Widgets
Free Delivery Steak n Shake

Homepage Hero

Raise customer awareness

  • "Free Delivery" or "$0 Delivery" in large clear text on image

  • Text above the fold

  • End date or campaign dates listed

  • Live all throughout campaign

Organic social media

Engage your fans

  • 2-3x a week, on all social media channels (posts or stories)

  • Include "Free Delivery" or "$0 Delivery" text on image

  • Include link to order

  • Include all affiliated copy

Drive Compliance Organic Social
Drive Compliance Email


Remind them of your offer

  • 2x a week to customer base

  • Email subject should mention "Free Delivery" or "$0 Delivery" first, and then primary message

  • No competing offers in the email (e.g. for pick up, dine-in, etc.)

SMS Text Messages

Send them a nudge

  • 2-3x a week to customer base

  • "Free Delivery" or "$0 Delivery" mentioned

  • Campaign dates or time period included

Drive Compliance SMS
Drive Compliance Paid Media

Paid Media

Drive your customer base
Not Required, but Encouraged

  • Include "Free Delivery" or "$0 Delivery" on image

In Store Promotion

Connect with them in person
Not Required, but Encouraged

Drive compliance in store promotion