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How to Avoid Temporary Deactivations and Reactivate Your Store

Learn what causes temporary deactivations and what to do if your store is marked temporarily closed.

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We know how frustrating it can be to get your store paused when you don't want it to be. That's why we created this article to help you get back up and running as quickly as possible. We'll cover why it happens, how to prevent it from happening again, and what to do if it does occur.

What triggers a temporary deactivation?

Temporary deactivations are a safeguard we’ve set up to stop more orders from coming in if you’re having trouble fulfilling the ones you already have. To determine if you’re having issues processing orders, we track a number of variables, including but not limited to: avoidable wait, avoidable cancellations, and missing or incorrect rates to name a few.

Temporary deactivation may occur when the means of receiving orders is turned off or not communicating properly with DoorDash. If you are a tablet user, we refer to this tracking system as the Tablet Heartbeat.

What is Tablet Heartbeat?

A DoorDash Merchant Tablet helps you easily receive, manage, and track all incoming orders. Your Tablet is able to detect if you’re having trouble fulfilling orders and temporarily pauses your store when this occurs consecutively for 5+ minutes. This is called Tablet Heartbeat.

What are the conditions that trigger tablet heartbeat?

Tablet Heartbeat could be triggered in any of the following conditions:

  • Power: The Tablet is off.

  • Battery: The Tablet is out of battery and not plugged in.

  • Connectivity: The Tablet is not connected to a reliable Internet connection.

  • Order Manager App: The Tablet is not logged in to the DoorDash Order Manager app, the app is not open, or the Orders page is not currently active.

What if I use a Point-of-Sale (POS) system?

If you have a POS system, temporary deactivations may also occur when items are out of stock, the store is unavailable, or the menu is incorrect. These cancellations are triggered after an order fails to reach the POS. An order is considered failed when it is rejected by the integration provider or DoorDash fails to receive confirmation. 

How do I avoid temporary deactivations?

If you face temporary deactivation, knowing the underlying reason is crucial to efficiently reactivate your account. Here are a few tips on avoiding getting hit with “delivery unavailable on DoorDash”:

  • Keep your Tablet on at all times: Otherwise, use the Pause or Special Hours/Closures feature if you wish to stop receiving orders temporarily.

  • Use “busy kitchen” Tablet feature: Update Kitchen Status on your Tablet.

  • Plug your tablet in: Keep the Tablet plugged in at all times, or remember to plug it back in quickly if you need to unplug it.

  • Check your Internet connection: Connect to the DoorDash network for maximum reliability.

  • Ensure the Order Manager app is open at all times: If you need to navigate away from the Orders page, be sure to return to the Orders page once you are done. You will not receive new order notifications while exited out of the Order Manager app.

  • Double check that your business hours are correct: Update hours in Portal, POS, or Tablet.

  • Keep your menu up-to-date: Is there a dish you no longer serve or has a new twist on it? Update your menu in the Portal, POS, or Tablet.

  • Mark items out of stock: Make sure all your dishes can be made when a customer requests them by updating menu items in the Tablet or Merchant Portal.

  • Provide Dasher instructions: Set parking and pickup tips in the Portal.

  • Design a pickup area: Creating a clear pickup area for Dashers decreases in-store confusion.

  • Set accurate prep times: Avoid delays by updating in the Tablet or POS.

  • Confirm orders ASAP: Quickly confirm orders in the Tablet

How do I reactivate my store on my Tablet?

You can always reactivate your store directly from your tablet. The screen you see will depend on whether or not you have any active orders to fulfill, but you can activate from either screen.

  • If you have no active orders: Click on Change Store Status to reactivate your store.

  • If you have active orders (or hit the x in the above screen): Toggle your Kitchen Status from Pause to Normal.


How do I reactivate my store in the Merchant Portal?

Once you’re ready to receive orders again, you can also do so via the Merchant Portal.

1. Navigate to Store Availability in the left-hand menu bar.

2. Click Make Store Available. Now you’re open to receive orders again.


You can learn more ways to adjust your store availability in Store Essentials.

Why is DoorDash Delivery Unavailable? FAQ

Will I be notified of a temporary deactivation due to cancellations? 

You will receive an automated Temporary Deactivation email (as with all other temporary deactivations) containing the time and reasons, immediately upon the temporary deactivation being triggered. You can adjust who receives these emails in the Store Communications tab of the Merchant Portal. If you have a Tablet, its screen will turn bright red with the deactivation details.

Why are orders getting canceled?

Common cancellation factors include:

Having DoorDash delivery unavailable can be frustrating. By understanding the triggers of a temporary deactivation, implementing preventive measures, and knowing how to efficiently reactivate your account, you can minimize the impact of these deactivations, all while preserving customer trust. 

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