Store Management

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Merchant Portal - Reporting
Store Management

How to Utilise DoorDash Reporting

Learn how to leverage data in the Merchant Portal to increase sales and provide a better customer experience.

10 min read
DoorDash Business Manager App for Merchants
Store Management

How to Download and Use the Business Manager App

Everything you need to know about downloading, setting up, and using the new Business Manager app to view your business performance on your phone.

16 min read
Manage Your Store on Your Tablet
Store Management

How to Manage Your Store Through Your DoorDash Tablet

Learn how to manage your store through your tablet.

13 min read
Downtime on DoorDash
Store Management

How to Improve Your Restaurant’s Downtime

Learn how downtime can impact your bottom line.

8 min read
Store Management

How to Avoid Temporary Deactivations and Reactivate Your Store

Learn what causes temporary deactivations and what to do if your store is marked temporarily closed.

10 min read