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How to Log In to the Merchant Portal

Everything you need to know about accessing your account, finding your password, adding new users and more.

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Merchant Portal - Logging In

What you’ll learn

The first step in growing your business on DoorDash is accessing your account. In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Log in: 3 min

  • Reset your password: 2 min

  • Add a new user: 3 min

Why is this important?

Businesses on DoorDash saw a 150% increase in year over year sales in Q1/2021. Logging in is the first step in building your profitable online sales with DoorDash. The Merchant Portal is your one-stop shop where you can track orders, analyse sales data and update your restaurant profile. 

How do you log into the Merchant Portal?

When creating your account, you received a link to set up a password via email. Within 48 hours, you can log into the Merchant Portal:

1. Navigate to the Merchant Portal login page

2. Enter your email address and password for your account.

How to log in to the Merchant portal

3. How do you reset your password?

Mx - Loggin In - Password Reset

In the event that you forgot your password:

1. Reset it by selecting Forgot your password? on the Merchant Portal log in page.

2. Enter your email used for the Merchant Portal.

3. A password reset link will be sent to your inbox.

4. In your inbox, you will receive an email. Click on the link and you’ll be prompted to create a new password.

How do I add new users to my Merchant Portal account?

Once in the Merchant Portal, click on Manage Users:

Mx - Logging In - Add User

1. Click + Add User.

2. Add their information: first name, last name and email address.

3. Select the role you want them to have in the Portal (note: this can be changed if needed)

  • Business Admin: If this option selected, they will manage all stores under the business ID.

  • Store Manager: If this option is selected, under Stores, click the + and type in the store name(s) for the locations that you wish the user to manage. 

  • Store Operator: If this option is selected, under Stores, click the + and type in the store name(s) for the locations that you wish the user to operate.

Not sure which level of access is right? Here’s a handy chart:

Merchant Portal access types


Full access to all stores under the business with the ability to add and edit other Admins, Managers and Store Operators.

Portal Permissions


Select access to stores with the ability to add Store Operators and edit Managers.

Portal Permissions

Store Operator

Limited access to selected stores with no ability to add or edit other users.

Portal Permissions

4. Select Send Invite.
The employee will then receive an email inviting them to log into the Merchant Portal. Add as many email addresses as you need.

Note: If you need to change the email address of an employee you’ve already added, please remove their email and re-add them to your account.


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