How DoorDash Helped This BarBurrito Franchise Increase Sales by 84%

Learn how this Toronto-based healthy Tex-Mex franchise location built a loyal customer base through DoorDash.

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Sunny Singh, owner of BarBurrito in front of his franchise location in the Canary District in Toronto.

The possibilities are endless at BarBurrito, one of Canada’s largest franchises specializing in Tex-Mex favorites. The chain has 250+ locations in Canada offering fresh, healthy options to satisfy any palette (and heat tolerance). They serve burritos of course, but also tacos, quesadillas and bowls, with a colorful spread of customizable toppings.

That endless potential is just one of the qualities that made Sunny Singh inspired to become a BarBurrito franchisee.

“If I had to choose one word to describe my restaurant? Lively. When a customer comes in, they can use their imagination,” explained Sunny, owner of the Canary District BarBurrito location in Toronto.

The spice of lifelong dreams

Sunny grew up in a South Asian family that owned a gas station, but that wasn’t a business he wanted to run long-term. 

Sunny Singh

Becoming a restaurant owner has always been a passion for me. I’ve always wanted to be in the food industry.

Sunny Singh, Franchise Owner, BarBurrito
Sunny Singh, owner of BarBurrito Canary District, Toronto, CA.

Sunny’s childhood is filled with memories of watching his mom cook. As the youngest, he often got to choose the menu (one of his favorites was her butter chicken) and couldn’t help but notice the effect these homemade meals had on his entire family. 

“Growing up, my mother’s cooking brought my family together. Here at BarBurrito, I get to share that same feeling with my customers on DoorDash.”

Why BarBurrito? “Mexican is one of my favorite types of food,” shared Sunny. “BarBurrito is a Canadian brand, established right here in Toronto. There are almost 300 locations and it’s the fastest-growing Tex-Mex franchise in Canada. I love the healthy options and that each customer who walks in can customize their meal.”

BarBurrito’s extensive menu gives all diners the ability to craft dishes that make them feel right at home, from meat lovers and vegetarians to those who flock to five-alarm hot sauces. 

Burrito bowl being made at BarBurrito Canary District

Serving up convenience and customization

In November 2020, Sunny’s BarBurrito location opened in Toronto’s Canary District, an up-and-coming neighborhood that’s seen a tremendous residential and commercial boom in recent years. But the restaurant’s ribbon-cutting happened to land right in the midst of a global pandemic — when many restaurants were anything but bustling. 

With social distancing and lockdown measures firmly in place, takeout and delivery were customers' only options when looking for a break from cooking at home. From the start, Sunny made sure his BarBurrito franchise was prepared to accommodate this new normal.

Sunny Singh

We’ve been with DoorDash since day one, and it’s been a huge asset to our restaurant.

Sunny Singh, Franchise Owner, BarBurrito
DoorDash order from BarBurrito with a burrito and a Guava Jarritos

Since opening his doors, BarBurrito in the Canary District has used DoorDash Marketplace to scale his delivery operations and build up a loyal following. Sunny, no stranger to other delivery services, attributes much of his early success to the intuitive, easy-to-use DoorDash platform. “The tablet is very detailed — it tells you everything, from driver arrival information to maps of where a customer is located. Not all apps do that.”

Finding loyal customers for a new franchise location with DoorDash

With any new restaurant, customer acquisition is critical. From 2021 through 2022, Sunny’s location saw significant growth on DoorDash. 

67% year-over-year growth

in DoorDash orders

84% year-over-year growth

in DoorDash sales

DoorDash Promotions — including discounts off a first order and $0 delivery for orders of a certain amount — gave Sunny’s BarBurrito franchise an invaluable boost. The restaurant also uses DashPass to cater to DoorDash customers who order more frequently and spend more per order. 

Fast, fresh Tex-Mex food options for all

Three years since opening his BarBurrito franchise, Sunny has built (and fed) a thriving community of diners in Toronto. He's seen firsthand from customers that there's a growing desire for quick, creative meals customized to people's unique preferences. 

Sunny Singh

It’s a close-knit society. People are thankful we’re here, and we’re thankful that we have loyal customers.

Sunny Singh, Franchise Owner, BarBurrito

Looking to scale your new restaurant business or franchise location? Get started with DoorDash today.


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