Tools to manage your online store

Run your DoorDash business with tools that help you process orders, streamline operations, and improve the customer experience.

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DoorDash Tablet Order Manager

Easily manage your DoorDash store and operations

Track live orders

Manage live orders

Get notified about orders, resolve issues, and communicate with customers and Dashers.

easy to use restaurant online ordering

Simplify store management

Make real-time changes to your DoorDash store from your phone, tablet, or computer.

Simple menu management

Optimize your menu

Upload photos, create categories, offer add-ons and modifiers, or mark items out of stock.

Update your DoorDash store in real time

Quickly make changes to your DoorDash store hours, menu, photos, and more in the Merchant Portal, on the go in the Business Manager app, or in the Order Manager app if you use a tablet. If your kitchen is getting too busy, you can temporarily pause your store.

Mx Update store mobile screenshot
Get 24/7 support mobile UI

Get 24/7 support

Connect with DoorDash customer support 24/7 via chat, phone, or email to quickly resolve issues and keep customers happy.

Managing your online business

Easily adjust your menu

Quickly make changes to your DoorDash menu items, photos, and descriptions at any time, from any device. Need to 86 an item? Temporarily mark it out of stock on DoorDash. You can also allow customers to customize their orders with add-ons and modifiers using DoorDash's built-in upsell features.

Mx - Boost subtotals with add-ons

Customize your DoorDash store

Highlight your brand on DoorDash by adding your logo, website URL, cover image, and a description that tells your restaurant's story to prospective customers.

Customize your store Merchant Portal screenshot

Leave Dasher feedback

The relationship between merchants and Dashers is one of the biggest factors that contributes to happy customers. Use the Merchant Portal to favorite or block Dashers and leave feedback based on your experience.

Mx - Leave Dasher feedback

Contact customers and Dashers

Have a question about an active order? Use the DoorDash Merchant Portal or Order Manager App to quickly communicate with customers or Dashers. You can also view DoorDash customer ratings and reviews, and mitigate any issues by responding to customers with a personalized message or pre-written template.

Mx - Contact customers
Hruska's Kolaches increase delivery sales doordash

"DoorDash is like having a whole team on-demand. Between customer support, the Merchant Portal, drivers, and other tools, it's like adding ten people to your staff for just the price of commission."

Cory Hruska
Co-Owner, Hruska's Kolaches

Learn DoorDash store management tips

Get step-by-step guides for getting started with DoorDash, as well as techniques to ensure smooth operations, optimize your menu, and improve order accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions

DoorDash allows merchants to easily manage their online business at any time, from any device with the following tools:  

  • Use the Merchant Portal to track business performance and payments, manage your DoorDash store page and menu, and get actionable insights about your customers. When you sign up for any DoorDash product, you’ll automatically get access to the Merchant Portal.

  • You can rent a tablet from DoorDash for a small weekly fee, or purchase your own Android tablet and download the DoorDash Order Manager app, our all-in-one tool for receiving, organizing, and tracking delivery and pickup orders. You can also use the Order Manager app to update menu items and store hours, communicate directly with Dashers, and access 24/7 support.

  • The Business Manager App complements your existing DoorDash order protocol and is available for download on your mobile device. You can manage orders in real-time, resolve issues, access customer support, view and respond to customer feedback, update your menu, and get important notifications. If you have multiple stores, it’s easy to toggle between stores, businesses, and group IDs. You can download the Business Manager app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Browse an up-to-date list of all integrations by country on our POS and middleware integrations page

Merchants have several options for adjusting their menu on DoorDash:

  • Merchant Portal: You can use the Menu Editor tool to make changes to your menu directly through the Merchant Portal. Simply log in, navigate to the Menus tab, and click on the menu you'd like to edit. 

  • Business Manager app: Download our mobile app and log in with your DoorDash credentials to get started. To make changes, select the Menu button on the bottom navigation. 

  • Order Manager app: If you're using a tablet, open the Order Manager app to make quick changes to your menu.

  • POS integration: If you've integrated DoorDash with your POS system, any menu changes you make in your POS will automatically be reflected on your DoorDash menus. There is no need to change your DoorDash menu directly. 

Merchants can choose to apply menu changes to a single location or all locations. To make changes across multiple locations, you must use a shared menu and be logged in with Manager or Admin access. You can also set up daypart menus in DoorDash to display different menus for different times of day or days of the week.

Merchants can rent a tablet from DoorDash for $6 per week in the US, $3 per week in Canada, and $0 per week in Australia.

If you rent a tablet from DoorDash, it will be an Android Social Mobile Rhino T8.