Manage your DoorDash menu in real time

Quickly make adjustments to prices, availability, photos, and more in the Merchant Portal, or on the go in the Business Manager app.

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Keep your delivery and pickup menu up to date

Make your business easier to find

Anytime, anywhere

Quickly make changes to your menu at any time, from any device.

Reach different audiences with customizable offerings

Mark items out of stock

Need to 86 an item? Temporarily deactivate items on your DoorDash menu.

Simple menu management

Optimize your menu

Get personalized recommendations to boost profitability and drive more orders.

Upload menu photos from your phone

Entice more orders by uploading menu photos to your DoorDash menu directly from your phone.

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Track menu performance

Track menu performance

Discover which items inspire customers to write five-star reviews, and identify not-so-popular items that could be better promoted, or removed altogether.

Boost subtotals with add-ons

Use DoorDash's built-in upsell features to allow customers to customize their orders with add-ons and modifiers.

Mx - Boost subtotals with add-ons
Alcohol merchant packages liquor at the counter

Increase order size with alcohol

If you already offer alcohol in-store, add it to your DoorDash menu to reach new customers and increase subtotals. DoorDash holds the required permits for compliant alcohol delivery where applicable.

Learn DoorDash menu tips & techniques

Get step-by-step guides for adding or updating DoorDash menu items, photos, and descriptions, as well as how to temporarily mark items out of stock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Merchants have several options for adjusting their menu on DoorDash:

  • Merchant Portal: You can use the Menu Editor tool to make changes to your menu directly through the Merchant Portal. Simply log in, navigate to the Menus tab, and click on the menu you'd like to edit. 

  • Business Manager app: Download our mobile app and log in with your DoorDash credentials to get started. To make changes, select the Menu button on the bottom navigation. 

  • Order Manager app: If you're using a tablet, open the Order Manager app to make quick changes to your menu.

Merchants can choose to apply menu changes to a single location or all locations. To make changes across multiple locations, you must use shared menu and be logged in with Manager or Admin access.

If you've integrated DoorDash with your POS system, any menu changes you make in your POS will automatically be reflected on your DoorDash menus. There is no need to change your DoorDash menu directly. 

Yes, merchants can create different DoorDash menus for different times of day or days of the week.

If you already offer alcohol in-store and your local laws allow alcohol delivery, merchants can add alcohol to their DoorDash menu. DoorDash holds the required permits for alcohol delivery where applicable. Check the DoorDash Alcohol page to see if it's available in your state.