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Access financing with DoorDash Capital

Manage your business with fair and convenient financing.

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Why DoorDash Capital?

Fast and convenient funding

Fast and convenient funding

If you’re eligible*, you’ll see a pre-approved amount in your Merchant Portal. If you accept, you'll receive the funds within 1-2 days.

Transparent pricing & hassle-free payback

Transparent pricing

Pay a one-time access fee, and that’s it. Repayment will be automatically deducted from your payout based on a percentage of your DoorDash sales.

Get started easily

Use the funds however you want

How you use this funding is up to you—you can pay employees, cover unexpected expenses, upgrade equipment and more.

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Financing for merchants

Get easy access to capital (typically $5,000 to $15,000 or more) through a partnership between DoorDash and Parafin, a business financing provider. There are no hidden charges, no recurring interest and no prepayment penalty. There’s also no need to apply—eligible merchants can view, customize, and accept an offer in the Merchant Portal, and receive funds in as little as 1-2 business days.

Hassle-free payback

Once an offer is accepted, your offer link becomes a repayment dashboard, where you can monitor your repayment progress and make early payments if you’d like. Repayments are taken as a percentage of your DoorDash sales—you choose the percentage and the repayment period (typically 6-9 months).

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How does it work?


Check eligibility

Opt in to data sharing in order to see your pre-approved offer from Parafin in the Merchant Portal.


Customize terms 

Choose your advance amount (which is tied to your % sales repayment) and target payback duration.


Accept your offer

Agree to the terms of service to accept your amount. Then, you can monitor your repayment progress.

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"DoorDash Capital was the best thing that could have happened to me at the time."

Calvin Willis
Owner/Operator, No Fork LLC
Used Capital to fund a new walk-in cooler

Frequently asked questions


Eligibility is limited to select merchants and requires a sustained sales history with DoorDash. If you aren't eligible today, once you grow your DoorDash store's sales, you might become eligible in the future. We are continuously re-evaluating which merchants qualify for the program based on sales performance on DoorDash.

DoorDash Capital is a cash advance, not a loan. With a cash advance, the offer is based on your sales and account history, and includes a simple, transparent one-time fee that you’ll know before you decide to accept the offer. A loan operates using interest, which can compound over time, and often includes other fees in addition to the stated interest rate

In the Merchant Portal Financials page, click the check box that allows us to share your business data with our business financing partner Parafin, and then click on View Your Offer. You will be taken through an offer flow with three steps:

  • Select the offer that makes sense for your business

  • Verify your linked bank account

  • Accept the offer

Parafin is a business financing provider focused on supporting small businesses. DoorDash has partnered with Parafin to offer funding to DoorDash merchants. All financing is governed by Parafin terms and conditions.

Fees and Repayment

The total repayment amount of your DoorDash Capital offer includes just two things: the amount of the offer and the one-time fee.  No hidden fees at any time.

There is no interest rate because a cash advance is not a loan. 

No. There are no late fees or any other additional fees added to your total amount owed.

Simply continue using DoorDash as you normally do, and our partner will automatically collect a percentage of your daily sales from your bank account and put that towards your repayment. You will see two separate transactions in your bank account: (1) related to your DoorDash sales and (2) related to the repayment of your advance (which will show up as DoorDash Capital).

Repayment duration depends on your sales with DoorDash and the offer amount you’ve selected, in addition to the percentage of sales you’ve chosen for repayment and your selected repayment period. 

Your repayment schedule is going to match your payout schedule with DoorDash today. If you’re on weekly payouts, our partner Parafin will collect repayment weekly. If you’re on daily payouts, our partner will collect repayment daily.

Payment is collected automatically. You can make an early payment at no extra cost, but you are not required to do so.

To pay your advance early, click on View details in the Capital dashboard on the Financials page in the Merchant Portal. This will take you to your payment dashboard. Once you’re there, scroll down and click Make a one-time payment. From there, you can select an amount you want to pay early.

After accepting the offer, the fund transfer is initiated immediately; you can see the money appear in your bank account in as little as one to two business days.


You can check your eligibility in the Merchant Portal. Simply log in to the Merchant Portal, navigate to the Financials page, and check your eligibility and pre-approved offer amount there. 

Your pre-approved offers are generally valid for 30 days and are continuously re-assessed. A pre-approved offer amount can be increased, decreased or revoked at any time prior to acceptance.

The pre-approved offer will include a maximum amount your business is currently eligible for. Your offer is based on your sales history on DoorDash. As your business grows, you may qualify for larger amounts. You must first complete repayment of your current advance before you can become eligible for an additional advance.

No, DoorDash Capital doesn’t affect your credit score. There are no credit checks, and we don’t require a personal guarantee for your business to get an offer.

For general inquiries, please reach out to

For questions regarding obtaining a new advance or a current advance, you’re welcome to reach out directly to our partner at

* If you are eligible, you will see a pre-approved offer on the Merchant Portal Payouts page. If not, your Financials page will show your Payouts only.