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Track net sales, average order size, unique customers, popular items, and more across any period of time.

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Understand where your orders are coming from, and view and respond to customer reviews.

Get useful data

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Easily build your own reports by filtering for specific metrics, timeframes, and DoorDash products.

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Review key business data, including sales (overall and by product), payouts, number of orders, popular items, average ticket size, error charges, and more across your locations.

Harness powerful sales analytics
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Get a breakdown of new, occasional, and frequent customers, plus a heatmap of locations and zip codes where customers are placing orders. We'll also provide personalized marketing recommendations based on your unique customer data.

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View DoorDash customer ratings and reviews, and mitigate any issues by quickly responding to customers directly using pre-written or custom templates.

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Improve your operations

Discover opportunities to improve operational efficiency with data points on your DoorDash order accuracy, cancellations, wait time, and downtime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can log in to the Merchant Portal to view your Marketplace sales and order data on the main dashboard page, including daily, weekly, and monthly sales, customer reviews, and more. For Storefront orders, in addition to sales and order data, you can also access customer information like email address and name, You can also build your own reports, filtering for specific metrics, timeframes, and products: 

  • Sales report: Includes Marketplace, Storefront, and Drive sales, average ticket size, new and return customer comparison, total orders, DashPass orders, Pickup orders, and more 

  • Operations report: Includes order accuracy, cancellations, wait time, downtime, ratings, and product mix 

  • Financials report: Includes transactions, error charges/adjustments, and payouts 

Yes, you can schedule specific reports to be sent to your inbox on a weekly or monthly cadence.

You can view customer reviews and ratings, zip codes and heatmaps of where customers are ordering from, as well as which customers are new, occasional, or frequent customers of your DoorDash store.

You can view the customer’s first and last name, email address, delivery address, zip, phone number, lifetime number of orders, lifetime amount spent (subtotal), average order value (subtotal), customer first order date, customer last order date, and lifetime value.

Note: Customer data is only available for orders placed through the Storefront link, and not the Order with the Google integration.

Yes, the Merchant Portal is your destination for DoorDash sales and customer data from Marketplace (orders from your DoorDash listing), Storefront data (orders from your own website) and Drive (orders dispatched to DoorDash drivers).

Yes, in U.S. states with marketplace facilitator laws, DoorDash collects sales tax for you. You can view the exact tax amounts DoorDash has remitted when downloading the payout transaction details in the Merchant Portal.