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Entrepreneurship & Access Programs

DoorDash is committed to helping level the playing field for entrepreneurs and increasing opportunities for businesses owned by women, immigrants, and people of colour.

Helping you grow your business

DoorDash merchants enrolled in our free Entrepreneurship & Access programs benefit from a range of resources and opportunities.

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Dedicated communications and support

DoorDash partners who are women, immigrants or people of colour receive focused communications and updates.

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Free Restaurants Canada membership

Enjoy all the benefits and resources of an annual Independent Operator Membership.

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Increased in-app searchability

Help new customers find your restaurant with search tags for keywords like “Black-owned,” “Women-owned,” and more.

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Increased in-app visibility

Highlight your restaurant in-app with a dedicated digital store page banner, as well as inclusion in carousels and collections in select markets.

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More opportunities for funding

Be among the first to learn about new opportunities for funding available through DoorDash partners.

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Additional marketing opportunities

Take advantage of opportunities to be featured and profiled in different marketing and communications initiatives.

Chef chopping bell peppers at Simply Irie
Restaurants Canada logo

Restaurants Canada & DoorDash

All independent restaurants enrolled in the Entrepreneurship & Access program get a free Restaurant Canada membership.

Your free Restaurants Canada Membership includes:

Cost saving programs - Group buying discounts and competitive pricing on everyday products, supplies and services.

Health insurance - Select from Restaurants Canada’s private insurance and group health benefit programs. 

Tools, resources & training - Access the latest industry research, operational tools, as well as training opportunities for operators and staff.

RC Show tickets - Complimentary passes to the annual RC Show, one of the largest foodservice & hospitality tradeshow conferences in Canada. 

Stories from entrepreneurs

Cook in Simply Irie Kitchen

Simply Irie Caribbean Cuisine

Calgary, AB

“DoorDash has helped Simply Irie through allowing us to expand our base… customers that may not be able to physically come into the restaurant.”

Mx - About - Entrepreneurship & Access - Piklìz Comptoir Caribéen

Piklìz Comptoir Caribéen

Montreal, QC 

“I strongly believe that without DoorDash, we wouldn't be here today. They keep coming up with new ideas to keep our head out of the water.”

Owner standing in front of Tropikal sign

Tropikàl Restobar

Montreal, QC

“DoorDash has helped our business grow, one, by free marketing in terms of people scrolling down and looking for delivery platforms to order food from. So the marketing aspect of DoorDash, it's something that helps without us even doing anything.”

Chef cooking in Flavours kitchen

Flavours Cuisine & Catering

Calgary, AB

“DoorDash has brought a wider perspective to other people to see other restaurants out there…they say, 'Oh, African restaurants.' And, 'Let me give it a try.'"

Owner of Aunty Lucy's Burgers outside of shop

Aunty Lucy’s Burgers

Toronto, ON

“DoorDash is a very clean platform to use. We’re starting to grow our partnership even more [...] grow our audience on their platform, and I’m looking forward to the future with them.”

Chef of Signature Indian Cuisine

Signature Indian Cuisine

Whitby, ON

“With DoorDash we have increased our business 15-20% with delivery, the number of deliveries have gone up 80-90%.”

Chef of Chickpea restaurant


Vancouver, BC

“DoorDash was there from the beginning[...] how much personal effort they put into the relationship it’s not just business people come and talk to you physically, I love it.”

Owner of Kula Kitchen

Kula Kitchen

Toronto, ON

“DoorDash has created opportunities by introducing us to a larger market... We will continue the partnership, as we are growing through DoorDash.”