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How do combined orders help grow my business?

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Reach new customers

More than 55% of customers using DoubleDash are ordering from a business they’ve never ordered from before.*

Increased customer exposure

Boost in-app visibility

By featuring your business post-checkout, DoubleDash gives customers another way to discover your business.

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Enjoy fast delivery

Combined orders add an average of less than 5 minutes to delivery times, and DoubleDash customers report no difference in quality.**

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Reach even more customers with DoubleDash

All DoorDash partnerships come with DoubleDash, or combined orders. With DoubleDash, your menu items are shown to customers who have placed a DoorDash order at a nearby business, but may want to add an item that business didn’t have.

It’s a great way for businesses that sell coffee, tea, boba, desserts, baked goods, deli items, breakfast, and snacks to get more visibility and reach new customers.

How does DoorDash work?

Get noticed

Customers browse your store

Customers order for delivery or pickup through the DoorDash app or website.

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Manage incoming orders

Confirm orders on your tablet or point of sale integration.

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Offer delivery or pickup

Package orders for same-day delivery or customer pickup. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Combined or bundled orders, also called DoubleDash, let customers add items from one nearby store to their main order — without having to pay additional delivery fees.

For example, a customer might order an entree at a local restaurant, and then add dessert from a nearby ice cream shop to go with their meal. Customers see the option to combine orders with DoubleDash in the DoorDash app once they complete their checkout at the first store.

No, DoubleDash combined orders are automatically enabled for any store that offers delivery through DoorDash.

DoubleDash combined orders help your business:

  • Reach valuable prospects: DoubleDash shows your store to high-intent customers who may be more inclined to impulse purchase since additional delivery fees are waived.

  • Acquire new customers: More than 55% of customers using DoubleDash are ordering from a business they’ve never ordered from before.*

  • Drive repeat business: 14% of new customers acquired through DoubleDash order again within 28 days.**

At this time, DoubleDash combined orders are a part of every DoorDash partnership that includes delivery.

*Based on DoorDash data from 134,251 merchants enrolled in DoubleDash from August 2021-June 2022.

**Based on DoorDash data from 134,265 merchants enrolled in DoubleDash from August 23-30, 2022.