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7 Ways to Tackle Inflation and Boost Your Restaurant's Potential Profitability

Unlock our new updates to navigate inflation, boost your restaurant's efficiency, and expand your operation with ease.

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According to Restaurant365’s 2024 State of the Industry Report, restaurants are struggling with rising food prices and labor costs, all while an industry-wide staffing shortage makes it more difficult to fulfill incoming orders during busy periods. To help, in addition to the promotions you’re already familiar with, we now have two new item-specific promotions that incentivize customers to order outside peak times–which means the same amount of orders minus the stress. In this article, we’ll walk through seven new features to help you maximize your sales, despite inflationary and staffing pressures.

1. Use new promos to space out the timing of incoming orders

In an effort to address fluctuating customer demand and inventory management, DoorDash has created new Happy Hour and Buy One, Get One (BOGO) promotions. These promotions are strategically crafted to not only increase customer traffic during quieter hours but also efficiently push surplus inventory.

Time-Specific Promotions-en
  • Happy Hour Promotions (Coming soon!): Encourage customer orders during your less busy times, balancing demand and preventing staff overload.

  • Buy One Get One (BOGO) Deals: Specifically target surplus inventory and offer customers compelling value to try your restaurant.

Here’s how to add these DoorDash promotions to your toolkit.

2. Enhance your menu’s visual appeal

High-quality photos can significantly attract more customers. A DoorDash developer team study found DoorDash photos have the biggest impact on the success of a menu. Another study from April to June 2022 DoorDash study of over 15,000 small restaurants, menus with photos get up to 44% more monthly sales. To help restaurants showcase their menus, we offer professional photography services to capture your most popular dishes. Learn how to request a photo shoot in the Menu Manager section of the Merchant Portal and improve your online presentation.

3. Streamline operations with new tablet features

Enhance your team's efficiency with features like easier order cancellation, single-tap prep time adjustments, a grace period for undoing mistakes, and streamlined communication with customers and Dashers. Educate your team on these new tablet features to optimize your daily operations.

4. Use the Business Manager App’s new feature

Managing a restaurant efficiently requires the right tools, especially when you’re constantly on-the-go. The latest updates to the Business Manager app bring essential features right to your fingertips:

  • Run and analyze marketing campaigns: Directly from your phone, launch campaigns and instantly see their impact, enabling you to adjust your strategies swiftly for maximum effect.

  • View payouts on your phone: With just a few taps, you can review your earnings, helping you make informed decisions when you’re away from your computer.

  • Access a tailored homepage: Get what you need when you need it, thanks to a homepage that adapts to your most frequent tasks and preferences.

Download the Business Manager app today.

5. Take advantage of more streamlined POS management

Our latest resources and features aim to quicken the onboarding process, making it easier to connect your POS system. This streamlined approach is designed to enhance your operational workflow, allowing for quicker adaptation and less time spent on setup. Learn how to start your POS integration onboarding.

6. Add new locations on the Merchant Portal

If you're growing your business with new store locations, you can now incorporate them into your DoorDash restaurant account with just a few clicks. This feature is designed to make your expansion process as efficient as possible, managing multiple locations in a single location. Find out how to manage your store locations.

7. Mark your calendars for upcoming busy periods

Prepare for a busy season and leverage these occasions for themed menus or special promotions to draw in more guests:

  • April 25 ANZAC Day: Honor the brave servicemen and women of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps with special ANZAC-themed dishes or discounts for veterans and active military personnel.

  • May 12 Mother's Day: Show appreciation for the amazing moms in your community by offering a special Mother's Day menu or a complimentary treat for holiday related orders.

  • June 10 King's Birthday (ACT, NSW, VIC, NT, SA only): Celebrate the King's Birthday with regal specials or a themed menu.

For a comprehensive guide on preparing for these and other occasions, download the Marketing Calendar Toolkit.

DoorDash’s latest features, from streamlined POS integration to expanding your reach with new store locations, offer practical solutions for overcoming current industry challenges. As you navigate rising costs and staffing shortages, utilizing these tools can significantly enhance your operational efficiency and profit margins. 

Want to learn more about how to take advantage of DoorDash ads and promotions? Check out Marketing 101: How to Use Ads & Promos.


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