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Benefits of integrating your system with DoorDash

Smoother Operations

Smoother operations

Receive DoorDash orders directly on your POS. No need for extra hardware or software.

Simple menu management

Easy menu & store management

Menu and store changes made on your POS will automatically sync to your DoorDash menu and store page.

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Increase order accuracy

Eliminate the need to manually enter orders on your POS, reducing the chance for human error.

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Integrate with any DoorDash product

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List your business on DoorDash so customers can find you and order for delivery or pickup. Manage orders, menus, and store updates through your POS or middleware system.

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Set up commission-free online ordering to offer delivery and pickup from your website. Manage orders from your POS and get repeat customers with a loyalty or gift card integration.

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Connect your online ordering system to DoorDash logistics to offer on-demand delivery to your customers. Confirmation texts, estimated times of arrival, and delivery are handled by DoorDash.

Resources to help you integrate

  • LC-hero-1208x1080-v51.01-Integration-Onboarding

    How to Integrate your POS with DoorDash

    Find out how to integrate your POS system with DoorDash so you can start receiving all of your orders in the same place.

    5 min read
  • LC-hero-1208x1080-v52.01-Switch-Order-Protocol

    How to Switch Your Order Protocol on DoorDash

    Choosing the right order protocol for your business could help increase efficiency.

    5 min read
  • LC-hero-1208x1080-v58.01.02

    How to Manage Your Menu and Store Hours for Your DoorDash Integration

    Find out which menu updates you can make through DoorDash and when you’ll need to contact your integration provider for updates or support.

    4 min read
  • LC-hero-1208x1080-v65.03.04-POS-Toast

    Manage Your Toast Integration with DoorDash

    Learn how to onboard, update your menu, manage orders, and other resources for your Toast integration.

    7 min read
  • LC-hero-1208x1080-v67.03.09-POS-ItsaCheckmate

    Manage Your Checkmate Integration with DoorDash

    Learn how to onboard, update your menu, manage orders, and other resources for your Checkmate integration.

    8 min read
  • LC-hero-1208x1080-v66.01.01-POS-Otter

    Manage Your Hubster Integration with DoorDash

    Learn how to onboard, update your menu, manage orders, and other resources for your Otter integration.

    6 min read
  • LC-hero-1208x1080-v68.01.01-POS-Deliverect

    Manage Your Deliverect Integration with DoorDash

    Learn how to onboard, update your menu, manage orders, and other resources for your Deliverect integration.

    6 min read
Chef and owner Roch Le Coq

"The integration of DoorDash and Deliverect saves us time and labor."

Oussama Ben Tanfous
Chef and Owner, Roch Le Coq

Other ways to receive DoorDash orders

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Manage orders in real-time with the DoorDash Order Manager app. Download it on your own tablet from the Google Play Store, or rent a DoorDash tablet. You can update menus and store hours, communicate with Dashers, and resolve issues with 24/7 access to customer support.

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If you don’t have a POS system or have low internet connectivity, you can receive DoorDash orders via email. We only recommend this option if you keep a computer near your register or POS, and receive less than 60 orders per month.

Build an integration with DoorDash Developer

Leverage the power of DoorDash for your business with our self-serve integration portal and suite of developer tools to manage menu, store, and order data.

Access API documentation, SDKs, step-by-step tutorials, and technical support to integrate DoorDash APIs with your operations with just a few lines of code.

DoorDash Developer

Frequently asked questions

If your POS or middleware provider is listed on this page, get started here.

If your provider is not listed, please contact support to request an integration. Alternatively, learn about building Marketplace and Drive integrations.

If DoorDash already has an integration for your business's POS or middleware system, you will be onboarded within 1-2 weeks. If we don't have an integration for your system, the timelines will vary depending on technical resources.

Yes. Please visit DoorDash Developer to learn more.

Reach out to Developer support in your Portal or contact your Technical Account Manager directly.