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How Roll’d Increased White-Label Delivery Sales by 177% with DoorDash Drive

Learn how this Australian quick service restaurant partnered with DoorDash to enable delivery ordering through its own digital platforms.

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Roll'd white label delivery sales

About Roll'd

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, Roll’d offers fresh Vietnamese food, including rice paper rolls, noodles, banh mi, and bowls. Bao Hoang co-founded the quick service restaurant (QSR) establishment in 2012 to share his mother’s traditional cooking with the masses. The restaurant has since expanded to 99 locations across Australia, with 45 new stores planned for 2021.

"We’re on the rise to becoming a household name because we offer something that other QSRs can’t," said Kelly Tracey, National Operations Manager at Roll’d. "We help people understand that Vietnamese food is healthy and delicious."

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The Challenge

Roll’d launched on ​DoorDash​ as one of the platform’s first Australian merchants in December 2019. The team was especially impressed with DoorDash’s dedicated support. "The interactions with the DoorDash team were unlike anything I’ve seen," said Kelly. "They give presentations, help us troubleshoot, and have fortnightly strategy meetings. Other partners just sent a PDF and said, 'Call us if you have trouble.' That’s it."

Prior to COVID-19, delivery made up only about 5% of their overall revenue — but like all restaurants, Roll’d had to pivot quickly during the pandemic. They added online ordering to their website, but found that the labor costs and time required to hire their own delivery drivers was not scalable across all of their stores. The team needed a sustainable way to offer white label delivery — that is, partnering with a third-party to offer delivery under the Roll’d brand — without raising their menu prices.

Kelly Tracey

I credit the DoorDash relationship with our success today. We still partner with DoorDash Marketplace, but with DoorDash Drive, we are able to keep our delivery prices the same as in-store and launch promotions on our own website without any lead time — allowing us to pivot quickly during COVID-19.

Kelly Tracey, National Operations Manager, Roll’d
roll'd doordash delivery

The Solution

Roll’d partnered with DoorDash Drive, which connects merchants to a network of white-label drivers and a logistics platform to facilitate deliveries. Kelly gave DoorDash a mandate — get DoorDash Drive up and running within two weeks. "They said 'Yes, we can do it even though it’s impossible,'" Kelly laughed.

The DoorDash teams in Melbourne and San Francisco integrated Drive with the Roll’d ordering system and launched it across all available Roll’d locations in just ten days. "It was probably one of the most seamless integrations in my career," said Kelly. "Everyone pulled together through late nights and time differences. The work ethic and support from the DoorDash team was unreal."

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The Results

Since launching DoorDash Drive in August 2020, Roll’d saw a 177% increase in native delivery sales, and a 182% increase in orders. Overall, their average DoorDash monthly sales have grown by 27% since March 2020.

"In December, we hit a massive milestone. Not only did Roll’d meet last year’s sales, but we were up by 4% — in the middle of COVID-19," said Kelly. "I truly believe this would not have happened without DoorDash."

Now that restaurants are starting to reopen, Roll’d has not seen a drop-off in delivery orders. "Delivery is here to stay. It’s the way of the future, COVID-19 or not," said Kelly.

Looking ahead, Roll’d plans to expand the DoorDash partnership by launching breakfast offerings exclusively on DoorDash. They’ll also build out the Roll’d app and integrate DoorDash Drive to enable direct ordering from their most loyal customers.

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