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How to Add Modifiers to Your Menu on the Merchant Portal

Everything you need to know about how to edit items, modifiers and options on the Merchant Portal to provide your customers with more options.

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DoorDash Merchant Portal - Modifiers

A recent DoorDash menu study found that customization is a top factor for merchant success, attracting a wider range of customers who want to tailor orders to their taste. 

Not only do modifiers improve your customer experience, but they are also a chance for you to up charge and increase ticket size.

What is a modifier?

A modifier is an option for customers to add to or change a specific item. There are a couple of different ways to incorporate modifiers into your menu, some examples include:

  • Adding a side, dessert, or drink to any entree 

  • Offering toppings or other additions (like extra protein) to items like salads, bowls, burgers

  • Providing multiple size options to choose from

How to create a new modifier

You can add modifiers to your menu in the Menu Manager in the Merchant Portal:

1. At the top, toggle over to Modifiers.

2. On the Modifiers page, click New Modifier on the right.


3. Next a new modifier detail panel will open and you can add the modifier’s name.


4. Underneath “Used in”, use the search bar to find which menu items you want the new modifier available for.


5. You can also add different options for the modifier, such as size, spice level, etc. and specific prices for pick up and delivery.


6. Under “Rules,” you can set if choosing a modifier is required for every order or if people can choose more than one option.


7. Click Save Changes.

If you’re on a mobile device

1. Navigate to Menu and select Modifiers.
2. On the top right of the Modifiers page, tap on the + button.
3. In the next screen, fill out the New Modifier name, setting, options, and price.
4. In the Used in section, tap on the search bar to find items to add the new modifier to.
5. Tap Save Changes.

How to edit modifiers

To edit a modifier, head back over to the Menu Manager.

1. Navigate to the Modifiers tab and select the Modifier you want to edit.


Here you can edit the existing information, such as the name, description, what items it’s available with, and more. If you’d like to add a new option for this modifier, enter its name and specify the pickup and delivery prices. You can also note if you’ve run out of a modifier and it’s no longer available for the rest of the day.


2. Click Save Changes.

How to remove a modifier

1. Click Modifiers at the top.
2. Select the modifier, and remove the attached item by clicking “X” next to the item name.



1. In the overview tab, click into a menu item.


2. Click on the modifier you wish to change to go to the corresponding menu item’s page where you can edit/remove the modifier directly.


If you’re on a mobile device

1. In the overview tab, tap into a menu item.
2. Find the modifier you want to remove and tap the three dots on the top right.
3. A pop-up screen will appear. Click on the Remove from item.
4. Tap on Save Changes.

Other ways to improve your DoorDash menu

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