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How to Adjust Existing Orders Using Your DoorDash Tablet

Now you can easily adjust an order using your DoorDash Tablet.

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A DoorDash Merchant Tablet makes it easy to quickly adjust all existing orders, so you can focus on offering your customers the best experience.

How do I adjust pickup time on my DoorDash tablet?

Need more time to prepare your order or was your order ready to go sooner than expected? Here’s what to do:

  1. In your tablet, head over to head over to Active Orders or Order History and select the order you want to adjust the prep time for.

  2. Beside Pickup in [number] min at the bottom, you can reduce or increase the pickup time by 5 minute increments.

    DD will deliver v01.02 tablet@2x
  3. Set the new prep time and select Confirm Order.

If needed, you can still adjust the prep time even after the order has been confirmed.

How to undo an order you’ve mistakenly marked as ready on your tablet

If you’ve mistakenly clicked ready for pickup while viewing your orders on your tablet, you can undo it easily. You have a 5-second window to undo this action by clicking undo ready for pickup.

Tablet-Updates 20 items 24fps

If you didn’t undo quickly enough, you can contact support to assist you.

How do I contact a customer or Dasher through my DoorDash tablet?

At times, questions arise, and you may need to contact the customer or Dasher during an active order or after the order has been picked up.

  1. Navigate to the Active Orders tab or Order history tab and tap on Issue with Order at the top right.

  2. Choose either Customer or Dasher to contact on this screen by tapping the phone icon.

  3. After you hit the phone icon, you will be prompted to enter your phone number.

  4. After you hit the phone icon, you will be prompted to enter a phone number or a saved default number will be input, connecting you to the Customer or Dasher. Your phone number will be masked and the caller ID on their phone will show up as “DoorDash.”

    connecting to Dx v01.01 tablet@2x

How do I provide refunds for out-of-stock items on my DoorDash Tablet?

When an item is out of stock, you can now offer your customer a refund directly from your DoorDash tablet — there’s no need to pick a substitute or contact support. This can help streamline processes and improve task efficiency for staff. For instructions on how to use this feature, follow the steps below: 

  1. Open your DoorDash merchant tablet and head over to the Orders section.

  2. Click on the order that requires attention.

  3. On the top right, click on Issue with Order.

    AdjExistOrderTablet 01-EN@2x
  4. Click on Mark Something as Out of Stock.

    AdjExistOrderTablet 02-EN@2x
  5. Select the item that is out of stock and Next.

    AdjExistOrderTablet 03-EN@2x
  6. Select how long the item will be out of stock for and click Next.

  7. Here you will see what the customer’s preference is if an item is out of stock. Select if you would like to Replace Item (recommended), Refund the Item or Cancel the Order.

    AdjExistOrderTablet 04-EN@2x
  8. If you’re replacing the item, choose a replacement and click Next.

    AdjExistOrderTablet 05-EN@2x
  9. On the next page you can review your Order Resolution details and if you’re happy, click Confirm.

    AdjExistOrderTablet 06-EN@2x

How do I live chat with support through my DoorDash restaurant tablet?

If you need assistance beyond contacting a customer, adjusting pickup time or marking an item out of stock, you can reach out to the Support team.

  1. Head to Active Orders or Order History and tap on Issue with Order at the top right.

  2. Tap Support Live Chat to open a chat window with our Support team. This feature is accessible for all orders that are currently in progress or have already been picked up.

  3. Tap Select a value to reveal a drop-down menu.

  4. Select the issue you’re experiencing.

  5. Provide additional details so our Support team can resolve quickly.

  6. Tap Chat with an Agent to start the chat.

How to block a Dasher on your DoorDash tablet

If you are unhappy with the service of a Dasher and wish to block them on your DoorDash tablet, follow the steps below: 

  1. On your DoorDash merchant tablet, navigate to the Orders tab. 

  2. Select the order the Dasher is associated with.

    AdjExistOrderTablet 07-EN@2x
  3. Click on Rate Dasher.

    AdjExistOrderTablet 08-EN@2x
  4. If there are multiple Dashers, select the Dasher you wish to block.

    AdjExistOrderTablet 09-EN@2x
  5. You can rate your Dasher or click Block Dasher.

    AdjExistOrderTablet 10-EN@2x
  6. Provide feedback on the Dasher and click Submit.

    AdjExistOrderTablet 11-EN@2x

Here’s how to block them via the Merchant Portal.

Your DoorDash restaurant tablet can help you manage your orders and adjust them when needed.

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