advantages of food delivery

7 Advantages of a Food Delivery Service for Your Business

Food delivery is here to stay. Learn the 7 benefits of offering a food delivery service for your restaurant—and how to get started today.

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restaurant location strategy

How to Choose a Restaurant Location

Whether you’re opening a cloud kitchen or a dine-in restaurant, here are key considerations for how to choose your restaurant location.

9 min read
Storefront Mockup - Testimonial Image

Improve Your Customer Ratings on DoorDash

Customer satisfaction is critical to your success as a business but is also more nuanced than "the customer is always right". Learn how to solicit and address customer feedback, respond to negative feedback, and tips for going above and beyond.

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How to Streamline Your DoorDash Operations

Running a restaurant has never been easy — and as off-premise sales continue to rise, we want to make sure your restaurant is equipped to meet the needs of your customers, staff, and the evolving landscape.

Learning Center - Train Your Team

Train Your Team on DoorDash

Your team is an integral part of your business — which is why we want to help you set them up for success. In this article, we’ll cover the basic skills your staff needs, including how to accept and process orders, address common problems and follow best practices.

&pizza restaurant interior

How &pizza Leveraged Data to Drive 372% YoY Growth

Learn how this Washington, D.C. pizzeria took a data-driven approach to determine where to open new locations.

3 min read