Restaurant University

Successful restaurateurs are lifelong students—constantly adapting to industry trends, customer expectations, and technological advancements. That’s why we developed 8 comprehensive ebooks to help restaurant owners and operators thrive in today’s evolving landscape.

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Ebook - Finding your Restaurant Niche
#1: Finding Your Restaurant Niche and Concept

Explore creative ideas to identify target customers, build a strong brand and make your restaurant memorable.

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Ebook - Financing Your Restaurant and Projecting Profits
#2: Financing Your Restaurant and Projecting Profits

Learn the financial side of owning a restaurant, from writing a business plan to managing your P&L.

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Ebook - Building a Five-Star Team
#3: Building a Five-Star Team

Get tips for hiring the right employees and building a work culture that keeps your team engaged for the long run.

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Ebook - Cooking Up a Mouthwatering Menu
#4: Cooking Up a Mouthwatering Menu

Learn how to build a menu that highlights core ingredients, draws in new customers, and is optimized for delivery.

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Ebook - Getting the Word Out About Your Restaurant
#5: Getting the Word Out About Your Restaurant

From SEO to sidewalk signs, learn marketing strategies to promote your restaurant while keeping track of costs.

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Ebook - Creating a Restaurant Community
#6: Creating a Restaurant Community

Leverage online and offline tactics to deepen your connections with neighborhood businesses and customers in your area.

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Ebook - Optimizing for Delivery & Pickup
#7: Optimizing for Delivery & Pickup

Set up a successful off-premise dining operation to drive revenue, reach new customers, and increase brand presence.

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Ebook - Upgrading Your Digital Toolkit
#8: Upgrading Your Digital Toolkit

Stay relevant with emerging technologies that help improve your customer experience, operational efficiency and bottom line.

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