How Restaurants Maintain Control With Delivery

By DoorDash 5/13/19

Why is quality so important?

Delivery offers a hugely profitable opportunity for restaurant owners. However, there is also a degree of concern for restauranteurs since their food is such a point of pride; owners want to ensure that customers have virtually the same dining experience with both dine-in and take-out orders in order to maintain the status of their brand. 

To do this, there are a few things that restaurant owners should pay close attention to with delivery. For example, restaurateurs need to make sure that their food arrives at the correct temperature. The food should also still be in the proper condition; sauces shouldn’t be separating, fries should still be crispy, tacos shouldn’t be soggy. Restaurant owners shouldn’t have to compromise their food quality for delivery. This means that the delivery process should be streamlined, efficient, and quick.

How does DoorDash help?

At DoorDash, we understand how important it is to maintain food quality, which is why we give our merchants the power to make their own quality control decisions. Here is what we do to help our restaurant owners:

Insulated Food Bags: We provide Dashers with insulated food delivery bags that maintain both hot and cold food temperatures.

Optimized Delivery Algorithm: Our delivery algorithm minimizes the time between the food being cooked and its delivery. The average delivery travel time on a DoorDash order is only 37 minutes from when the order is placed to drop-off.

Tablet Driven Process: Our delivery tablets (which are offered to all partners) optimize the delivery process by allowing restaurateurs to set precise pickup times, which ensure that a Dasher is at the restaurant, able to deliver the food whenever it is ready.

Menu Withholding Option: Restaurant owners can customize a delivery menu that will allow them to choose which items are available for delivery on our app. They can use the Merchant Portal (which is available to all DoorDash partners) to add and omit items whenever they want. However, DoorDash has gotten pretty good at delivering perishable items quickly… Just ask Baskin-Robbins!

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