How to Optimize a Menu For Delivery

DoorDash 5/23/19


Many restaurant owners believe that their delivery menu must be exactly the same as their regular menu. But this is definitely not the case. In fact, in order to be as successful as possible with delivery, restaurant owners should test and then re-work their menu. Excluding certain items, while emphasizing others, is the best way for restauranteurs to both ensure food quality and maximize profits. Here are a few helpful tips for optimizing a regular menu for delivery:

Balance popular items with higher margin items: The most popular items are the classics that customers love, and should be included in a delivery menu. It would be most effective if these dishes could be prepped ahead of time. These popular items should be mixed with higher margin items or ingredients (such as sodas, drinks), as these are where restaurants will be able to make the most profit.

Offer items that will be able to maintain quality: If there is a certain ingredient or dish that probably won’t hold its shape, texture, or overall quality for an extended period of time, it would be best to not offer this item.

Good photos will set the menu apart: Including a photo of an item on a menu can increase its sales by up to 30%. If there are certain dishes that a restaurant owner wants to push, they can add an artful photograph to their delivery menu.

Descriptions should be to the point: Customers won’t spend an extensive amount of time reading the descriptions. They should be clear and to the point, but also have aspects of personalization that explain why the dish is unique.

Separate sauces: Offering sauces on the side will ensure that your food doesn’t get soggy in transit. Keep this in mind for salads especially.

→ Offer canned beverages: Canned refreshments are easier for our Dashers to grab and carry than fountain drinks.

Test the food: If a restaurant owner is unsure about offering a certain item, the best thing to do is test it: wrap the food in foil, let it sit for 30 minutes, then taste in order to get an idea of what the customer will be getting in the end.

And if a restauranteur finds out a dish isn’t going to travel well, they don’t have to worry. On DoorDash, we give our restaurant partners full control over their menus and what exactly they make available for delivery. So, test away!

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