What to Expect as a DoorDash Partner

By DoorDash 5/30/19


Our goal here at DoorDash is to make the lives of restaurant owners easier. That’s why we keep everything simple, including our 10 minute signup process. Here’s what you can expect to see:

→ Step One: Tell us about you: This is where we ask you to input basic information like name, email, phone.

Step Two: Tell us about your restaurant: Here we want to get a bit more information about your restaurant, so we ask for the name, phone, address, and hours. Don’t worry if something changes, though--you can always update your business hours once you are onboarded.

Step Three: Share your menu: You can upload your menu whichever way you prefer--give us a link to an online version (from your website or another delivery site) or upload your menu as a PDF, photo, etc. We just ask that it contains your prices. If you don’t have your menu completely ready don’t worry, you’ll be able to make edits after uploading.

Step 4: How would you like to receive orders? This is where you have a choice to make about how you want to receive orders from DoorDash to your restaurant. We recommend the tablet option to receive orders most efficiently, but here’s a rundown on all your options.

Step 5: Add photos to your DoorDash menu: Artful photos are a great way to set your menu apart on DoorDash. You can either send in your own photos, or schedule a free photoshoot with a DoorDash photographer.

Step 6: Getting paid: We ask for your bank account information for one reason only: to make sure you’re paid in the fastest way possible, through a weekly direct deposit. Direct deposits are the most secure and fee-free way for you to receive the money you make from DoorDash.

Step 7: Terms & Conditions: The final step! This is where you officially sign up to be a DoorDash partner. But first, if you have any questions about delivery margins & benefit, check out the details here.

Once you go through the signup process, you’ll receive an email from the DoorDash Team on how to activate your store. Your restaurant will go live on DoorDash within a week. In the meantime, look out for 2 more emails with instructions on how to review your menu to make sure that it is accurate and how to log in to your tablet (if this is the option that you chose).

You will then receive an email when your restaurant goes live on DoorDash. You can now also go to your Merchant Portal to edit your menu and business hours. There will be some helpful links included in this email about where to go if you have questions or need help. Congratulations, we are thrilled to have you as a DoorDash partner!

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