How Dinner Changed Through the Decades

By DoorDash 5/18/19


What did dinner used to look like?

The concept of “dinnertime” is changing--again. As people and generations have evolved throughout history, so has dinner. It used to be that households ate separately, in shifts; however, this changed after the Industrial Revolution, when families began to come together to eat after a long day of work. From there, dinner came to represent the traditional values associated with family: spending quality time together, sharing conversation in a way that illustrates closeness and stability.

What aspects of dinner have remained the same?

Although the logistics of dinner have continuously evolved throughout time, these overall values have had staying power. For example, many millennials and members of Gen X don’t enjoy cooking, yet they still know the importance of dinner. They understand that eating together will give them the opportunity to bond, catch up, cement their personal relationships.

What does this mean for delivery?

This is where delivery comes in: 90% of millennials order from restaurants at least once a week. Delivery easily fulfills certain demands that these new generations have:

→ Healthy food that is also delicious

→ Food that is available quickly (since they highly prioritize free time)

→ A meal that is easily integrated into their schedule

Consumers no longer have to spend hours planning and cooking a meal for dinner, which is why they have become so reliant upon delivery. 63% of millennials are more likely to order from a third party logistics platform    than to actually go sit down to eat. This is why restaurants need to be on a delivery app: this is where the consumers are.

Third party logistics apps, like DoorDash, are helping restaurant owners adapt to this new idea of dinner, thus ensuring that their kitchens aren’t at a standstill. DoorDash  brings in additional revenues without causing any extra strains on  the restaurant itself. DoorDash handles it all: we help customers discover  new restaurants, and provided restaurants with the logistics to deliver. Dinnertime may have evolved, but that doesn’t mean that restaurants have to suffer.

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