Restaurants Are Using Delivery to Reach Entirely New Customers

By DoorDash 5/22/19

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It is an unavoidable fact: the popularity of delivery is growing! 25% of adults say that they are eating out less often than they were 3 months ago. For nearly the past decade, there has been a steady decline in the number of meals that are eaten in restaurants. But this doesn’t mean that customers are lazy. In fact, the exact opposite is true.

Customers, specifically millennials, simply don’t have the time to sit down at restaurants anymore; 90% of this generation order delivery at least once a week. These customers are intelligent, active, constantly busy--they’re picking up their kids, finishing a business report, or staying late at work. The 9-5 workday has become less and less common, as more millennials enter the gig economy. Furthermore, households have changed: there are more single-person households than ever before. These customers clearly have different values and behaviors, which therefore means that they have different needs than the generations before them.

What does this trend mean for restaurants?

These changes inevitably confuse and complicate the job of restaurant owners. They don’t see as many customers walking through their doors, but it’s no fault of their own--it’s the industry itself. 

However, the most successful restaurants have noticed these changes and embraced them. Both major chains and small mom-and-pop restaurants have started offering off-premise dining options to reach these new, elusive consumers. 

How can DoorDash help?

DoorDash is a go-to for these restaurants because we help them to reach new customers without cannibalizing their established dine-in customer base. Approximately 92% of orders placed on DoorDash are incremental to a restaurants customer base, which means that we are opening up completely new opportunities.

DoorDash offers a variety of unique products that help our partners expand their reach and drive incremental orders. Restaurants can always be organically discovered by DoorDash users; but, a restaurant owner can draw more attention by being included in various in-app promotions such as Try Me Free or DashPass. These offerings allow restaurants to go directly to consumers, thus catching their attention.

DoorDash has helped restaurant owners throughout the country embrace and capitalize upon this newly-developed convenience culture. DoorDash can increase a restaurant’s brand presence and recognition, expand their customer base, increase their margins, and bring in more overall profit. Less people may be eating out these days, but that’s okay--with delivery, restaurants can reach them anyways.

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