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Track live orders

Get instant notifications about orders in progress, resolve issues, and provide Dasher feedback.

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Anywhere, anytime

Make changes to your store page on your phone, tablet, or computer whenever you want. 

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Access key metrics

Track your business performance, including DoorDash sales, customer ratings, and popular items.


Business Managerアプリを使えば、オーダーの追跡やパフォーマンスの確認など、すべてがスマホから簡単に行えるようになります。ダッシャーの位置情報の監視、年中無休のサポート利用、在庫切れ商品のマーク、お店の営業時間の更新、分析情報の取得などをBusiness Managerアプリから行いましょう。



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DoorDash Tablet Order Manager

DoorDash Tablet

Manage orders in real time with the DoorDash Order Manager app. Download at the Google Play Store or rent a tablet from DoorDash. Update menu items and store hours, communicate directly with Dashers, and access 24/7 support.



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"A lot of tech companies have advanced solutions, but they lack empirical data. That’s a big distinction with DoorDash."

Fahim Ahmadi
VP of Development, Naan & Kabob

Frequently Asked Questions

Business Manager App

You can download the Business Manager app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

The app is available in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Germany for all businesses on DoorDash. 

You must be an existing DoorDash partner and have either an Admin or Manager level credential for your Merchant Portal login to use the app.

No, the Business Manager app is designed to complement your existing order protocol. Learn more about order protocols.

Merchant Portal

You can see your sales and order data on the main dashboard page when you log in to the Merchant Portal, including daily, weekly, and monthly sales, customer reviews, and more.

You can see reviews and star ratings from your customers, as well as which customers are new to your DoorDash store or returning.

Yes, in the states in the U.S. with marketplace facilitator laws, DoorDash collects sales tax for you. You can view the exact tax amounts DoorDash has remitted when downloading the payout transaction details in the Merchant Portal.

DoorDash Tablet

You can rent a tablet from DoorDash or purchase your own Android tablet and download the DoorDash Order Manager app from the Google Play store.

If you would like to rent a tablet from DoorDash, the tablet will be an Android Social Mobile Rhino T8. 


Browse all integrations, by country, on our Integrations page. DoorDash often adds integrations to handle incoming orders, and this page stays up to date with the latest.