Learn How to Use the DoorDash Tools

As a DoorDash partner, you have access to an exclusive suite of tools that will help you manage and grow your takeout and delivery business.

tablet for off-premises orders

The Merchant Portal

Almost everything you need to run your business is available on the Merchant Portal — it’s the heart of your DoorDash partnership. The Portal is where you can:

  • Track financials over time

  • Manage and view order history

  • Make edits to your menu and store hours

  • Review and respond to customer feedback

For a step-by-step guide to using the Merchant Portal, check out our Merchant Portal How-To Guide.

The Business Manager App

The Business Manager app makes it easy to track orders and review performance, all from your phone. Monitor a Dasher's location, access 24/7 support, mark items out of stock, update store hours, get analytics, and more from the app.

The DoorDash Tablet

The Tablet was designed to streamline your day-to-day operations with DoorDash. Use it to:

  • Receive, confirm, and make adjustments to orders

  • Update item availability

  • Change kitchen status to “busy” or temporarily pause orders

  • Adjust store hours

  • View Dasher location status

  • And more!

For a step-by-step guide to using your Merchant Tablet (including turning it on for the first time), check out our Merchant Tablet How-To Guide. If you did not initially select a Tablet as your order protocol but would like to switch, you can do so in the Merchant Portal or by contacting Support.

Point of Sale Integrations

DoorDash integrates with leading point of sale and technology systems to help you accept and fulfill orders, sending them directly to the kitchen. With integrations, you can boost order accuracy and improve operations. Browse the different integrations available and review instructions on how to get started.


Add commission-free online ordering to your website with Storefront. When customers visit your website, they’ll be able to place orders using a DoorDash-powered online store that complements the look and feel of your existing site and brand. And the best part? You’ll never pay a commission.

Free Professional Photo Shoots 

We believe high quality professional photos are the best way to market your food and your brand, so we are happy to pay for a professional photographer to come to your restaurant and photograph some of your most popular dishes. Photos don’t just look nice — adding them to your DoorDash menu can increase sales by up to 25%! 

You can request a professional photo shoot in the Merchant Portal — check out this Support article for a step-by-step guide. If you want to take your own photos, that works too. We’ve pulled together some tips for taking great photos.

Ads & Promotions

DoorDash Marketing offers an easy and cost-effective way to increase your visibility and reach new customers. You only pay for confirmed orders placed, which means you can spend your marketing budget efficiently and risk-free. Designed for any level of marketing experience, you can set up an ad or promotion in just a few clicks. Head over to the Grow Your Sales section of the Merchant Portal to get started.

Additional Partner Resources 

We’ve developed a ton of resources to help our partners navigate the complexities of the restaurant industry. We know that your partnership with DoorDash is only one part of your business, so while some of these resources are specific to DoorDash tools, many go above and beyond to address the broader industry landscape. 

DoorDash Store 

The DoorDash Store is chock full of restaurant essentials. Since we order these materials in bulk, we’re able to pass on those savings with a special partner discount. You can purchase high-quality, affordable to-go packaging, PPE, marketing materials and more.

The Dish

The Dish is updated regularly with the latest news and stories that matter to restaurants. This includes DoorDash updates and resources, current news and events, and stories from industry people like you. 


Whether you’re building a restaurant website strategy, looking for inspiration for your social media marketing, or calculating your store’s profit margin, our Resources provide an in-depth but easy to understand breakdown of how to grow your business.

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