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Most Loved

Rewarding the top-rated and most-reliable restaurants on DoorDash. 

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The benefits of being Most Loved

Most Loved restaurants get more visibility, increase your earning potential, and enjoy exclusive perks.

Most Loved - Benefits - Better Visibility

Better visibility

You’ll be featured on the app homepage. More visibility means more potential orders.

Most Loved - Benefits - Attract New Customers

Attract new customers

Being a Most Loved restaurant builds credibility and trust with customers who want to try something new.

Most Loved - Benefits - Free Marketing Toolkit

Free marketing toolkit

Proudly display your hard-earned Most Loved status with special marketing materials.

How to become a Most Loved restaurant

On the first Thursday of every month, we evaluate your performance from the month before.

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Meet monthly performance goals

Most Loved - How To - Ratings

Maintain an overall lifetime rating of 4.5+

Monthly Performance Goals

Less than 0.3% avoidable cancellation rate

Measures orders that were cancelled for reasons that are within your store’s control.

Less than 2.25% missing or incorrect rate

Measures orders reported with missing or incorrect items. 

Less than 2 mins avoidable wait

Measures the average amount of time Dashers wait for orders at your store after you said they would be ready.

4.7+ average customer rating

The average star rating received on DoorDash for your store within the month.

25+ completed deliveries

The number of completed orders you’ve received through DoorDash within the month. 

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Track your progress

Want more information on your store’s performance? You can view your performance metrics at any time in the Merchant Portal under the Operations Quality tab. 

Are your numbers not quite where you want them?

Identify the metrics you need to improve to better your customer experience and reach "Most Loved" status.

  • Ensure your menu is up to date, including when items are out of stock to reduce the likelihood of “missing” items.

  • Label orders with the customer’s name and/or attach a printed ticket to the order to help ensure Dashers deliver the right order.

  • Double check for modifications and special requests. Contact the customer directly for any clarifications.

  • Review customer feedback of your food and make note of any recurring trends you can address. 

  • Go above and beyond by using packaging that ensures your food travels well, including instructions for reheating, or adding a note to thank customers for their support. Need packaging or other materials to improve the customer experience? Check out the DoorDash Store, your one-stop shop for to-go packaging, marketing materials, and more.