Environmental sustainability

DoorDash’s mission is to grow and empower local economies — this includes caring for the environment in which our communities live and work.

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We are working to eliminate the carbon impact of DoorDash deliveries in Germany. We are investing in an eco-friendly fleet to power our deliveries, when available. We’re proud to provide e-bikes for couriers as part of this effort. 

Additionally, DoorDash is continually improving its technology to achieve routing and order batching efficiencies that, on average, result in lower estimated emissions compared to a customer driving a car to and from a restaurant to pick up an order.

Reducing carbon emissions

We are working to eliminate the carbon impact of DoorDash deliveries in Germany. DoorDash is proud to provide couriers with e-bikes to make our deliveries more eco-friendly and is continually improving our technology and order batching efficiencies that, on average, result in lower estimated emissions.

Making deliveries net zero

As we launch in Germany, we will further remove the carbon impact of DoorDash deliveries via a selection of carbon removal projects with a presence in Germany and abroad. After placing an order on the DoorDash app, we're inviting customers to select either a nature-based or technology-based carbon removal portfolio to support.


Nature-based projects



Planting more trees to absorb and remove carbon from the atmosphere.



Producing biochar, which is made from organic waste, stores carbon, and turns into soil.

Kelp Farming

Kelp farming

Growing kelp that will remove carbon from the atmosphere and lock it away at the bottom of the ocean.

Technology-based projects


Low-carbon cement

Storing carbon dioxide captured from industrial processes in concrete, rather than it being released to the atmosphere.

Direct air capture1

Direct air capture

Extracting carbon dioxide from the air, which can then be stored underground or reused.

Bio oil


Capturing and converting carbon into liquid that can be stored underground.

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Reducing packaging waste

DoorDash will support merchants in using eco-friendly packaging and reducing packaging waste. Customers who want to reduce the amount of packaging included with their order can opt to not receive utensils. Additionally, we’ve partnered with Choco to provide access to sustainable packaging at a reduced cost to restaurants. If you are a DoorDash-affiliated merchant, you can sign up for sustainable packaging here (must use promo code for special pricing).

Reducing food waste

Since 2018, DoorDash’s social impact program Project DASH has helped reduce food waste through partnerships with food recovery and hunger relief organizations. Nonprofit organizations interested in expanding their last-mile delivery capabilities with DoorDash can email social-impact@doordash.com.

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Frequently asked questions

DoorDash will allocate its funds proportionally to customer selections. For example, if 50% of customers select nature-based projects and 50% of customers select technology-based projects, then DoorDash will split its investment evenly between the two portfolios.

We’ve selected a mix of inspiring projects that we believe can make a difference now and/or are emerging solutions with potential for massive, long-term impact. Regardless of your selection between the two portfolios, both options will remove the carbon impact from DoorDash deliveries. Additionally, these investments will help the projects grow and bring down their costs. 

The choice is yours -- but if you don’t pick one, we’ll pick for you based on impact and availability!

Net zero carbon is accomplished when the amount of greenhouse gas removed (sometimes called “sequestered”) from the atmosphere is the same as the amount added. It’s an important way to tackle climate change. Net zero goes beyond carbon neutral. Carbon neutral means that a company is paying others to emit less, while net zero means that a company is paying to have its emissions removed from the atmosphere.