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Commission-free in-store digital ordering and payment

We’re excited to welcome Bbot — a leading provider of digital ordering and payment software for restaurants and other hospitality businesses — to the DoorDash family.

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In-store digital ordering and payment

In-store ordering and payment are about to get a lot easier. We’re excited to share that Bbot, a leading provider of digital ordering and payment software for restaurants, breweries, food halls, and virtual kitchens, is joining the DoorDash team. 

We’ve heard from many merchants that they want an integrated, simple solution to help address staffing shortages and create an efficient in-store experience. Together, Bbot and DoorDash will be able to better support the evolving needs of restaurateurs and other food and beverage venue operators (bars, breweries, hotels, and more) with streamlined ordering and payment solutions. Best of all, by adding Bbot to the DoorDash family, we’re creating more ways for businesses to generate commission-free sales in addition to delivery with DoorDash Drive and online ordering with DoorDash Storefront.

Bbot’s software allows businesses to introduce in-store ordering and payment, which helps increase sales while creating higher quality experiences for customers and staff. Your customers can scan a QR code to order, add items to their tab, and pay – giving them shorter wait times. Your staff can turn tables faster and focus on delivering a delightful experience to your guests. Bbot also allows merchants to utilize all their tables, even when faced with staff shortages. 

Founded in 2017 by three naval engineers, Bbot is one of the fastest-growing order, pay, and delivery solutions on the market. They’re currently helping thousands of hotels, bars, breweries, restaurants, food halls, ghost kitchens, bowling alleys, and more run their operations smoothly, freeing their staff up to provide a better customer experience.  The Bbot team is full of engineers and operators who know how restaurants are run. They see technology as a way to support innovations, solve problems, and improve — not replace — hospitality.

Bbot’s best-in-class solutions include:

  • A QR code scanner that brings customers to a merchant-branded, interactive online menu for in-store ordering

  • Individual and group open tab ordering for guests so staff can focus on upsells, menu recommendations, and providing a winning customer experience. 

  • Integration with existing software, POS systems, loyalty programs, and reservation services 

  • Operation on a range of devices, including your customer’s mobile phones, server handhelds, and tablets.

As Bbot becomes a part of DoorDash, we want to make sure any interested merchants can opt into these solutions, which we believe will help increase sales while creating higher quality experiences for customers and staff.

Restaurants who are interested in adding Bbot’s digital in-store software to their business can request a demo on the Bbot site today.  Eligible businesses can get started with waived monthly subscription fees until August 31, 2022. Like DoorDash Storefront, Bbot products will always be commission-free. You can use the QR-code-powered ordering in your business for just 2.5% + 30 cents credit card processing fee. 

Welcome to the team, Bbot! 


KC Fox

KC Fox

Senior Director, Storefront

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