We're here for your business & your employees

While your team works from home, support them with delicious meal options delivered anytime, anywhere and from any restaurant

In these difficult times, we know employees are facing new challenges while working from home. One daily struggle is having to think about meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) for themselves and their families.

To help make life a little easier for your team, DoorDash for Business is offering 3 “work from home” solutions that your business can consider. These are: 

  1. Teams At-Home*: Employees can order Caviar on their own and bill to the company account. Admins on the account will be able to set ordering hours and spending limits based on your business’ budget.
  2. Corporate DashPass: Employees can opt into DashPass, a monthly subscription that grants $0 delivery fees and lower service fees to diners on every order from a qualifying DoorDash restaurant. Numbers of subscriptions are set by your company. 
  3. Corporate Gift Cards: Employees get a gift card reward that can be used towards meals from DoorDash restaurants. Your business can order gift cards in bulk and have control over the total number of cards and gift card amounts.

DoorDash for Business is here to help in times of need. Contact us to learn how we can support your business and your employees. 



*Teams At-Home offering only available in select submarkets.