More than ever, restaurants need flexible business models to keep up with an always-changing landscape. That’s why in April, we announced new pricing and plans to give businesses more options when it comes to their DoorDash partnership — including the ability to choose a plan based on commission rate and the level of built-in marketing support they want. These changes are designed to help DoorDash partners find new customers, gain repeat customers, win business in their neighborhood, and ultimately increase their bottom line. 

In this article, we’ll explore how DoorDash’s new packages and products align with specific business goals to help you understand which options make the most sense for you.

If your goal is to…

Reach new customers and grow off-premise orders

If you’re looking to grow your delivery and pickup sales, we recommend our flagship product — the DoorDash App. DoorDash is the #1 food and drink app in the U.S. according to the App Store and has a growing presence in Canada and Australia. 

Featuring your business on DoorDash allows you to provide the delivery and pickup options that diners expect, while giving you access to a new customer base. In fact, 75% of restaurants agree that DoorDash has helped them to reach new customers. Read more about how DoorDash works for restaurants

Our new pricing includes three tiers of Partnership Plans that offer different price points based on the level of marketing support you need. Each DoorDash Partnership Plan includes:

  • Your choice of 15%, 25% or 30% delivery commission based on varying levels of built-in marketing 
  • 6% commission on Pickup orders (previously 15%)
  • Zero credit card processing fees on DoorDash app orders
  • Storefront: commission-free online ordering for your website (more on that later)
  • $0 activation fees

We also offer all partners POS integrations, 24-hour customer support, and additional resources to drive growth, such as a free menu photoshoot and the option to add tailored marketing and promotions to get you in front of the right customers. 

“The amount of DoorDash orders is truly remarkable, especially for this area. DoorDash has allowed our business to see increases even over previous years in the midst of a pandemic.”

Frankie DiCarlantonio, Director, Scaffidi Restaurant Group in Steubenville, OH 

Here is a breakdown of the three Partnership Plans based on your business goals:

Get DoorDash at the lowest cost

If you want a cost-effective way to get on DoorDash, we recommend DoorDash Basic. This Partnership Plan includes our lowest delivery commission rate — 15% — as well as core marketing tools (e.g., listing your business on the DoorDash app, being discoverable in search, and getting featured in our algorithmic collections like “Fastest Near You” or “Local Favorites”). You can add additional marketing programs to boost your restaurant’s in-app visibility and increase orders as needed.

Get expanded access to DoorDash orders and customers 

If you want to grow your business while keeping costs down, we recommend DoorDash Plus. This Partnership Plan has a 25% delivery commission and includes all the benefits of the Basic plan — plus DashPass, our top-performing marketing program (more on that below), as well as an expanded delivery area so you can reach more customers. 

Maximize DoorDash orders and new customers

If you want the most growth in new customers and orders, we recommend DoorDash Premier. With a 30% delivery commission, you get everything in the Plus plan as well as our Growth Guarantee — which means if you accept fewer than 20 orders in a month, we will refund your entire commission for that month.* This gives you peace of mind that your DoorDash investment will drive growth for your business. 

*Accept at least 20 orders per month or DoorDash will refund your commission costs for that month. Partners are eligible for this rebate only if (1) they cancel fewer than 5 orders that month and (2) maintain “open hours” on DoorDash for 90% of the Store Hours that they have set in the Merchant Portal.

Which DoorDash pricing and Partnership Plans are right for me? 

For more help in finding the right plan for you, take our short quiz to get a quick recommendation. If you still need help figuring out a solution that works for your needs, contact our sales team. We encourage partners to try a plan for 2-3 weeks — if it’s not working for you, you can always switch to a new plan. 

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Now, let’s explore the additional products we have to offer beyond the DoorDash App. 

If your goal is to…

Offer delivery and pickup to your customers and pay zero commission fees 

If you want to turn your website visitors into customers, we recommend Storefront, our online ordering solution. Storefront enables you to add commission-free delivery and pickup ordering to your own website — without any mention of DoorDash.  With an easy setup process, you can leverage DoorDash’s industry-leading software to power your online ordering and get access to Dashers to deliver orders. You’ll pay just a credit card processing fee of 2.9% + 30 cents on Storefront orders. For delivery orders, your customers pay a $3.99 delivery fee plus a 10% service fee on their order subtotal to DoorDash. These fees help fund the cost of delivering an order, including Dasher pay and support.

Storefront is designed to drive higher sales with features like on-page checkout, recommended add-ons and modifications, and rich menu photos and descriptions. We’ve found that businesses see a 20% increase in orders after adding Storefront. 

Storefront now comes with every Partnership Plan, or you can choose to use Storefront without listing your business on the DoorDash App.

“It was awesome to be able to add a new way for guests to order our food in basically one week — and have it turn into 20% of our off-premise sales.”

Jad Izzedin, Executive Brand Director, Texas de Brazil in Dallas, TX 

Use your own drivers to deliver DoorDash orders 

If you have your own drivers but want to tap into the DoorDash customer base, we recommend Self-Delivery. With this product, you can list your business on the DoorDash App at a lower cost (just 15% commission, with credit card processing included) while using your drivers to deliver orders. You control the delivery experience, set your own delivery area, and choose what delivery fees you’d like customers to pay while enjoying the marketing boost of being on DoorDash. 

“As a brand, we are relentlessly focused on reaching our guests on their terms. In DoorDash, we found a third-party partner that shares this commitment and offers us the ability to further reach our consumers where they increasingly are — digitally. We are so thrilled about this relationship and the visibility to consumers it provides for our brand, both now and in the future.”

Darin Dugan, Chief Marketing Officer, Jimmy John’s 

Get drivers to deliver orders placed on your own website/app

If you’ve already got an online ordering platform and don’t want to hire your own drivers, we recommend Drive. DoorDash’s white-label solution connects your business with Dashers to complete deliveries placed on your ordering platform for a flat per-order fee. You can request a driver any time to deliver on your behalf, then track orders, streamline labor costs, and drive incremental sales. Drive easily integrates with your existing POS and other technologies, and leaves your customers happy — in fact, 75 % of Drive ASAP orders are delivered within 30 minutes with a 4.5 average customer rating. 

“I credit the DoorDash relationship with our success today. With DoorDash Drive, we are able to keep our delivery prices the same as in-store and launch promotions on our own website without any lead time — allowing us to pivot quickly during COVID-19.”

Kelly Tracey, National Operations Manager, Roll’d in Australia 


Explore additional ways to grow with DoorDash

DoorDash partners also get access to world-class marketing tools to drive more growth and help you make the most out of your DoorDash partnership. 

If your goal is to…

Reach DoorDash’s most engaged customers with a plug-and-play marketing program

We recommend adding DashPass, our loyalty program that allows the most engaged DoorDash customers to place orders from your business at reduced fees. With DashPass, high-value customers see your business first and pay lower fees when they order from you — at no added cost to you. Because DashPass customers order more often, and DashPass businesses get increased visibility in the DoorDash App, you’ll likely get more orders and repeat customers. 

Drive growth when you want it with tailored promotions on the DoorDash App 

We recommend exploring DoorDash’s Promotions — a suite of marketing tools to help you improve your in-app placement, attract first-time customers, or create loyal regulars with offers for $0 delivery fees or order discounts that you can target to different customer types. You’ll also be able to dive into sales data to understand which promotions drive the most ROI for your business. On average, participating in promotions increases your DoorDash sales by 25%. 

We offer a variety of promotions that you can choose based on whether your goal is to: 

Acquire new customers

  • First Order, $0 Delivery Fee: Cover the delivery fee for customers’ first DoorDash orders from you. 
  • First Order, % Off: Offer first-time customers 15%, 20%, or 25% off when they order from you through DoorDash. 

Drive repeat customers

  • Order Again and Save: Offer a 15%, 20%, or 25% discount to previous customers who haven’t ordered from you within the past 45 days.

Increase average ticket size

  • $0 Delivery Fee: Offer $0 delivery fees for customer orders greater than $15. 
  • Spend $X, Get Y: Give simple $ or % off incentives to customers who meet a minimum order size. 
  • Promote Menu Items: Build momentum around new releases or highlight your most profitable items.

“Our willingness to take advantage of [DoorDash’s] marketing tools contributes to our growth.”

Gianluca Pesce, Director of Marketing & Communications, Yolk in Chicago, IL 

Boost sales of your retail items

We recommend DashMart, which enables you to sell retail items for delivery through DoorDash’s online convenience store. Businesses can add a new revenue stream, selling anything from household essentials to restaurant favorites — including ice cream, chips, sauces, spices, pasta, baked goods, and more. 

“We are thrilled to launch This Little Goat on DoorDash, so home cooks could quickly receive our globally inspired sauces and spices right to their front door, especially during quarantine.”

Erin Vick, Director of Digital Marketing, This Little Goat in Chicago, IL 

Choose the DoorDash solution that’s right for you 

Finding the right solution for your business depends on your specific needs and priorities. Whatever your business goal, DoorDash has got you covered. Learn more about the new DoorDash pricing and products to determine how we can help your business thrive.

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